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The Sisters Brothers

September 23, 2018

Practically the only Westerns to live up to the classics or, at least, try to be original are Indie films. And “The Sisters Brothers” is an entertaining example. It tickles you in an honest sort of way, and it moves you with the characters feelings and ambitions. The time period is 1850s Oregon. John C…. Read More ›

A Simple Favor

Director Paul Feig of “Bridesmaids” fame has taken a lot of risks to make Darcey Bell’s hit novel “A Simple Favor” into a dark comedy. I’m not talking comedy in the form of laugh-out-loud funny, but comedy in its honest views. His last directing job of “Ghostbusters” failed to spark a new franchise, based on… Read More ›

White Boy Rick

Before I walked into “White Boy Rick,” I was asked by a friend of mine if I knew the story or will I wait to see the movie. I told her I heard the kid just got released from prison last year. The kid I’m referring to is Richard Wershe, Jr., better known as “White… Read More ›


“Peppermint” has some nice moments, but most of the movie is wasted. It tries to splice a family murder thriller, a case drama, and a vigilante thriller; and most of it is either tired, annoying, or routine. At least I’ve seen worse action movies this year alone (“Mile 22,” “Death Wish,” etc.) than this. The… Read More ›

The Happytime Murders

I have a motto that everyone should heed, and I believe that saying is “Don’t be a d*ck.” “The Happytime Murders” is a mean-spirited, ugly, cliche-filled, lazy, and lousy comedy that thinks just because a puppet smokes, drops F-bombs, and has sex, means it’s funny. Look at “Ted” or “Sausage Party;” they both didn’t rely… Read More ›

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