Decision to Leave

A riveting mystery about an insomniac detective and the woman who could be bad. I regret not reviewing the new South Korean opus “Decision to Leave” sooner, because like “Aftersun,” I wasn’t sure if I could squeeze it into my… Read More ›

The Good Nurse

A well-acted drama about a sick nurse and a bad nurse. “The Good Nurse” is a refreshing drama with Jessica Chastain as a struggling nurse and Eddie Redmayne as another nurse named Charlie Cullen, who murdered patients by overdosing them… Read More ›


Josh Duhamel pulls off the heists with the right charms. “Bandit” is a better movie than its poster would suggest, because it uses such a likable lead like Josh Duhamel, and allows him to adapt to the role of a… Read More ›

Confess, Fletch

Jon Hamm delivers as the charming and mischievous detective. I’ve watched the original “Fletch” comedy from 1985 with Chevy Chase, and he was funny and entertaining in that role. I didn’t hear good things about its sequel, so I’m going… Read More ›

End of the Road

A dumb road trip thriller that’s actually fun. The new made-for-Netflix thriller “End of the Road” looks and feels like a campy film, especially when the post looks bright and colorful. It’s obviously an imperfect film, as it acts like… Read More ›

Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza delivers as an ex-con finding herself with a not so steady job. In a recent tradition of artisan features like “Ingrid Goes West” and “Black Bear,” Aubrey Plaza provides us with another remarkable performance in “Emily the Criminal.”… Read More ›

DC League of Super Pets

Blandish animation gets overpowered by star-studded voices, a few censors, and some good laughs. Dwayne Johnson has been appearing in some pretty crappy movies-some more financially successful than others-like “Baywatch,” “Rampage,” “Hobbs & Shaw,” “Jungle Cruise,” and “Red Notice,” and… Read More ›


Rebecca Hall becomes way overprotective with her daughter over a dark past in overwhelming thriller. “Resurrection” left me with mixed feelings on certain elements, some of which other people may or may not agree with me on. It’s a stalker… Read More ›

Girl in the Picture

True crime doc gets more sinister and complex the more you watch it. “Girl in the Picture” is a made-for-Netflix documentary about a 20-year-old woman named Tonya Hughes, who died in what was assumed as a hit-&-run accident. But there’s… Read More ›

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