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January 9, 2019

I don’t believe I’ve seen an awful movie about cloning since “Morgan.” “Replicas” is the next stinker on that subject, and you can tell the movie is bad when you hear atrocious acting, poor writing, and cheesy effects. It’s only January. That means I have only 11 months to figure out whether or not this… Read More ›


The key to viewing “Destroyer” is that you don’t need to understand the whole story, but see it as a crime thriller with questions and answers. It took a while for me to understand the past and present mixed together, but I discovered a certain kind of vibe that makes the movie so gripping. Nicole… Read More ›

The Mule

I’ve been asked about Clint Eastwood’s activeness-whether he’s calling it quits or not. I thought he was through with acting when he starred in “Trouble with the Curve” back in 2012. But I was wrong when he directed himself in “The Mule,” which is inspired by a true story about a WWII vet named Leo… Read More ›

If Beale Street Could Talk

To become poetic in the times and discrimination, is to resonate with how the characters in “If Beale Street Could Talk” think and feel. They’re given dialogue that moves and inspires you, and the tone matches their words. Director Barry Jenkins (the Oscar winner for “Moonlight”) expresses love in different ways: romance love, brother love,… Read More ›


The opening shot of “Widows” is mesmerizing. We meet three women with the loves of their lives, who are killed in a police shoot-out, following a robbery gone wrong. This intro splices scenes from their love side to the robbery. And when we see a great opening shot like this, we know it’s gonna be… Read More ›

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