James Wan’s latest horror entry scares you without the jumps. As you begin to watch James Wan’s “Malignant,” you start to think it’s going to rip off “Poltergeist” with a TV static, “Rosemary’s Baby” when the main heroine has miscarriages,”… Read More ›


Netflix’s 24 Hours to Live thriller misfires. The set-up for “Kate” sounds flimsy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin, who gets poisoned and has 24 hours to live, which should give her enough time to find her killer before she… Read More ›


Nothing worse than an expired coupon Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” was my Number 1 choice as the Best Film of 2013 and my Number 2 choice of the Best of the Decade, because it knew about greed,… Read More ›

No Man of God

What went on with Ted Bundy before his execution. The story of Ted Bundy is an infamous one, regarding him as a serial killer, who kidnapped, raped, and murdered young women in the 1970s. Zac Efron portrayed him quite well… Read More ›

The Protege

It has stars, guns, fights, and drinks, but where’s the story? Maggie Q plays a contract killer so professional, that when she turns on the fire sprinklers, she leaves a piece of electrical wire in the flood to shock gunmen…. Read More ›


The hero runs away and so does its opportunity. John David Washington is able to live up to his father Denzel’s expectations, coming on the heels of “BlacKkKlansman,” “Tenet,” and “Malcolm & Marie,” etc., but his new thriller “Beckett,” just… Read More ›


Matt Damon fights for his daughter in this gripping thriller. In 2015, writer/director Tom McCarthy opened me eyes to the abuse the Catholic Priest bestowed on the boys in “Spotlight,” which is why it was on my list of the… Read More ›

The Forever Purge

The final chapter of this murdering franchise fights the power. Let me give you the scoop on “The Purge” franchise. Once a year for 12 hours, all crime including murder is legal. This was a way for the world to… Read More ›

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