A Haunting in Venice

The spirits within push this Branagh mystery franchise higher. Kenneth Branagh’s take on Hercule Poirot has transitioned from an Agatha Christie character to an iconic movie name, and I’m not insulting literature in any way. Three films have made and… Read More ›

The Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington gives his hero a jumpstart in this likable (if sometimes gruesome) threequel. I discovered a word called “triaphilia,” which is the superstition that bad things come in threes. According to an article I came across, scientists would determine… Read More ›


Noisy Liam Neeson movie should have its driver’s license revoked. Although “Retribution” is the American remake of a Spanish film called “El desconocido,” I still think it wants to go for “Speed,” which had a bomb on a bus that… Read More ›

Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot thrives over a familiar action story. Gal Gadot has made herself into action movie actress with roles in “Fast & Furious 6” and “Wonder Woman,” and even her lousy espionage comedy “Red Notice” had to be a big… Read More ›

The Out-Laws

I think I’ll skip the reception. “The Outlaws” shamelessly rips off “Meet the Parents,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” “Ocean’s 11,” and “The In-Laws,” and I mean really shamelessly. Like it’s one of the worst comedies I’ve seen in recent memory. The… Read More ›

Mafia Mamma

I spit on this mafia comedy. How could Toni Collette succumb to this amount of idiocy in the new crime comedy “Mafia Mamma?” How can she be so annoying, despite her previous excellent performances in such films like “Little Miss… Read More ›

Murder Mystery 2

Not a total piece of deux deux, but still not funny. The best thing I could say about the new Adam Sandler sequel “Murder Mystery 2” is that it’s not as offensively awful as “Jack & Jill” or “Grown Ups… Read More ›

A Thousand and One

This Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner features a mother and son story like no other. “A Thousand and One” is a near perfect movie about how a parent from a bad background can give her child a better background. It’s… Read More ›

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