Celebrity Q&As

I manage to talk to some very famous people about their movies and shows. My questions are eclectic and flexible. One per customer. They will be presented by either video or podcast, depending on where and how the questions take place.

Michelle Rodriguez

“Was one of the reasons you’ve entered “Widows” was the expand your horizons?”

Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon

“What are your favorite “Avengers” scenes that you filmed?”

Nathan Fillion

“How do you prepare yourself for the roles you’re given on TV and Movies?”

Nathan Lane

“Was there a show that inspired you to get into Broadway?”

Bradley Cooper

“Do you have any goals or ambitions?”

Amy Adams

“Was there a Sci-Fi movie that inspired you to take the role in “Arrival”?”

Casey Affleck

“In “Manchester by the Sea,” did you ease your emotions?”

Lily Collins

“What do you find fascinating about the Victor Hugo character you’re portraying?”

Olivia Wilde

“How has directing “Booksmart” been different from the music videos you’ve made?”

James Spader

“How do you transcend from one genre to the next on TV and movies?”

Tony Hale

“When it comes to voice acting, how it different in shows and movies vs. Archibald’s Next Big Thing?”