Sci Fi

Space Oddity

A solid romcom that has plenty of oxygen. Kyra Sedgwick’s movie directorial debut of “Space Oddity” is no biopic or doc about the classic David Bowie song (although Brandi Carlile sings a cover version of it), but it is a… Read More ›


A real dino-sized mess from two of the geniuses behind “A Quiet Place” I hope you don’t forget to bring your I.D. for “Scream VI” or at least take your friend’s advice on “Creed III,” because “65” is one of… Read More ›

Infinity Pool

The son of David Cronenberg makes a vacation movie that’s bizarre and WTF original. Would the following be considered torture porn? In the fictional island La Tolga, there’s a secret facility, where people can literally watch their own executions. How?… Read More ›


A satire on creepy dolls and the crap that comes out of kids’ mouths. You know you’re in trouble when the commercials in “M3gan” promote robotic dolls-PurRpetual Petz-that look like if Furbys, Mr Potato Head dolls, and troll dolls had… Read More ›

Strange World

Dazzling colors and so many themes make Disney’s latest a fun ride. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid both collaborate as a son and father for the first time since “The Day After Tomorrow” in “Strange World,” the new Disney animated… Read More ›

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