Dune (2021)

This Sci-Fi epic story gets the cinematic experience the 1984 version didn’t. I viewed David Lynch’s 1984 take on Frank Herbert’s book “Dune,” which had Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, and Patrick Stewart, among others, and I must say as much… Read More ›

The Last Duel

#MeToo in Medieval Times. When I found out Ben Affleck and Matt Damon finished the script for “The Last Duel” faster than “Good Will Hunting,” I asked if we should be worried about this, considering that fast writing can cause… Read More ›

Bergman Island

How to live up to Ingmar Bergman’s expectations without trying so hard. “Bergman Island” is a bigger fan of Ingmar Bergman than “My Salinger Year” was of J.D. Salnger,” which I was criticized by a Facebook user for not seeing… Read More ›


4 actors, 2 sets of parents, one great movie. It’s often suggested that people should use their words, and that violence is not the answer. “Mass” is a movie that represents that notion, as it talks about the violence that… Read More ›


A strange movie that will leave ewe curious and stunned at the same time. I wasn’t exactly sure how the set-up of “Lamb” was gonna go down. The trailers made it look like childless parents finally having a child with… Read More ›


A girl goes from brat to killer in this WTF French import. “Titane,” the French film that made writer/director Julia Duccourna (“Raw”) the second female director to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, is a bizarre and… Read More ›


A war you can’t win. The initials for the title “Mayday” are repeated as “Mary,” “Alpha,” “Yankee,” “Delta,” “Alpha,” and “Yankee.” And they’re echoed until we see the person speaking those words on the radio. “Mayday” is a drama fantasy… Read More ›

Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series has its angels and demons. Mike Flanagan is known for directing such horror films as “Oculus” and “Doctor Strange,” and shows like “The Haunting of Hill House.” Now, he has a new show on Netflix,” which… Read More ›

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