Joe Bell

The long walk to kindness has a heart. Mark Wahlberg stars as Joe Bell, a man walking across country to spread the word about effects of bullying, because of how it lead to the suicidal death of his gay son… Read More ›


M. Night Shyamalan’s latest grows up way too fast. I caught M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller “Old” at a private screening with some of my new friends, and most of them were laughing and heckling at the screen. It was… Read More ›


This little piggy is a flat-out winner. Between his poor choice of obscure little films, Nicolas Cage (who should fire his agent on that) has been able to sneak in some fresh pieces of entertainment. Whether we’re talking about animated… Read More ›

No Sudden Move

Soderbergh’s latest gangster movie makes a hit on HBO Max. Director Steven Soderbergh ranks with very best filmmakers, because of his unique style of filmmaking, wise choice of ensemble casting, and professional writers, who know how to tell stories. “No… Read More ›


An infamous Twitter Tweet makes its big screen debut with sex and comedy. Imagine if “Magic Mike” was an independent film that lasted for less than 90 minutes, had a feminine approach, and made Twitter Tweets in almost every scene…. Read More ›


Kevin has the Hart to be serious and funny as a father raising a little girl. Kevin Hart tried to take on a more serious role in “The Upside,” the Hollywood remake of “The Intouchables.” He was fine in that… Read More ›

12 Mighty Orphans

These orphans score touchdowns in this entertaining football story. “12 Mighty Orphans” joins the football underdog club with “Radio,” “Rudy,” “The Longest Yard,” and “The Blind Side,” among many others. In fact, a football movie based on a true story… Read More ›

In The Heights

The best movie musical of 2021 so far has arrived! Fresh off his success with the filmed version of “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda has another Broadway sensation called “In The Heights” hitting the big and small screen simultaneously in theaters and… Read More ›

Changing the Game

This Hulu doc about three transgender student athletes goes for the gold. In my travels as young film critic, I’ve never come across a documentary that focuses on transgender athletes, until Hulu and director Michael Barnett released “Changing the Game.”… Read More ›

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