Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry have chemistry in more ways than you think. After half the critics were disliked for their mixed-to-negative reviews of “Don’t Look Up,” we have proof that we’re not the monsters people accuse us of… Read More ›

The Wonder

Florence Pugh excels as a doctor trying to figure out this starving kid. “The Wonder” is an Irish-themed drama that isn’t at the pure authenticity of “The Banshees of Inisherin,” but it is well-acted by its leading lady Florence Pugh…. Read More ›

The Good Nurse

A well-acted drama about a sick nurse and a bad nurse. “The Good Nurse” is a refreshing drama with Jessica Chastain as a struggling nurse and Eddie Redmayne as another nurse named Charlie Cullen, who murdered patients by overdosing them… Read More ›

Armageddon Time

James Gray’s love letter to his childhood is a sad and challenging one. “Armageddon Time” is inspired by writer/director James Gray’s own childhood in Queens, New York, and when I attended a special screening and Q&A, he couldn’t be more… Read More ›

Raymond & Ray

Half-brother story is strong in emotions, but weak in execution. In “Raymond & Ray,” Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke play half-brothers, who reunite for the funeral of their abusive father, whose dying words are that they bury him. With no… Read More ›

Call Jane

See how Elizabeth Banks joins the Jane Collective. In the breezy drama “Call Jane,” Elizabeth Banks stars as a traditional Chicago housewife named Joy in 1969, whose pregnancy threatens to give her congestive heart failure, and abortions were illegal at… Read More ›

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