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Never Look Away

The real art in “Never Look Away” is patience. This German import, which has been entered in the Oscars for the Best Foreign Language nomination, runs for 3 hours, and ergo, it takes its time to help the main character understand his pure artistic talents.  The movie, inspired by the life of German artist Gerhard… Read More ›

If Beale Street Could Talk

To become poetic in the times and discrimination, is to resonate with how the characters in “If Beale Street Could Talk” think and feel. They’re given dialogue that moves and inspires you, and the tone matches their words. Director Barry Jenkins (the Oscar winner for “Moonlight”) expresses love in different ways: romance love, brother love,… Read More ›

Creed II

Even if Ryan Coogler didn’t direct this (obviously because of “Black Panther”), “Creed II” offers the same sentimental values and knock-outs of its predecessor. As another sequel to the “Rocky” franchise, the movie never gets knocked out, and it’s refreshing to see the original actors reunite. You’ll find out who I’m talking about in a… Read More ›

Green Book

The relationship between an African-American piano player and an Italian-American driver in 1962 makes “Green Book” a funny and heartwarming film. Director Peter Farrelly (best known as one of the Farrelly Brothers) takes a different approach by introducing us to real-life characters portrayed by actors who deserve Oscar nominations. And those two would happen to… Read More ›

At Eternity’s Gate

Watching “At Eternity’s Gate,” I noticed and admired the movie’s visual style of colors. They’re all adjusted based on moods and tones. Some night scenes are shaded blue, other scenes are in their normal format, one sunset scene is given an orange complexion, and there are yellow shots so lovely, I was dazzled. It looks… Read More ›

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