Creed III

Michael B. Jordan gets back in the ring as the star and first time director. Just as I thought 2023 would be a bad year for threequels, coming on the heels of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” and “Ant-Man and the… Read More ›

Luther: The Fallen Sun

Not much of a TV to movie transition. From “The X-Files” to “Downton Abbey,” current hit live-action shows can get films, which may seem like extended episodes, but actually keep their fans watching and supporting the transition. The same can’t… Read More ›

Jesus Revolution

Hippies and religion collide with more faith than depth. I imagine the religious crowd buying tickets to see “Jesus Revolution,” and why wouldn’t they? I may not that religious, but I still thank Jesus for giving me the faith and… Read More ›

The Quiet Girl

This Irish drama has a voice. Being of Irish descent, I was easily delighted to know that “The Quiet Girl” is the first Irish feature to be nominated in the Oscar’s Best International Feature category. I find no offense to… Read More ›


Whatever their souls are made from, Emma and Emily are the same here. Emily Brontë died too young at the age of 30, but was best known for her only novel “Wuthering Lights.” I’ve never heard of this young writer,… Read More ›


Good cast knows good money when they see it. There’s a scene in “Sharper,” when Sebastian Stan’s Max asks Briana Middleton’s Sandra what her favorite movie is. She responds: “Titanic,” and he comments on how that film was the one… Read More ›

Magic Mike’s Last Dance

This final outing, if it is a final outing, loses the magic. We’re in 2023, so we’re getting some more sequels-or threequels as we like to call them. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” “Creed III,” “Guardians… Read More ›

80 for Brady

Respect these elders who love football. It would be inevitable that the older folks would go see “80 for Brady,” because it’s led by some our best actresses-Jane Fonda, Rita Morena, Lily Tomlin, and Sally Field-and it’s a sports comedy… Read More ›

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