Butcher’s Crossing

Nicolas Cage strongly thrives in this gritty western. I’ve seen two Nicolas Cage western vehicles in the independent circuit. First, there was “The Old Way,” in which he played a gunslinger with an autistic daughter. I felt he overacted in… Read More ›

The Burial

A solid courtroom drama with bold words and outspoken lawyers. Last week, I reviewed William Friedkin’s final film “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial,” which was about a Navy captain accusing his men of mutiny for leading their destroyer out of a… Read More ›

Strange Way of Life

Hawke and Pascal shoot and score in Almodovar’s hit-&-miss short western. In his latest short film “Strange Way of Life,” Pedro Almodovar has developed a western that uses the right convictions to draw his loyal fans in. He doesn’t rely… Read More ›

She Came to Me

A misguided dramedy that comes to negativity. “She Came to Me” starts off with a decent premise between Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei, and then explodes with various problems within the screenplay. And I’m saying it in critical and pathos… Read More ›


Benicio Del Toro tries to thrive on a dull story. “Reptile” is a murder mystery that looks and feels great (trying to enter David Fincher territory), but is missing the essence to make it thought-provoking. It has the right performances,… Read More ›

The Creator

Gareth Edwards’ latest Sci-Fi movie has plenty of life and thrills. Last weekend, and I’m sure you’re all thinking it, I was bored out of the action sequel “Expend4bles.” All of us were complaining about the bad CGI effects, performances,… Read More ›

Fair Play

Why employees dating each other isn’t a good idea. “Fair Play” is a drama that has us thinking long after it’s over. Is there a good reason why employees dating is not usually a good sign, especially in such a… Read More ›

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