Blue Bayou

Justin Chon’s performance swims, while his direction sinks in the bayou. “Blue Bayou,” written and directed by and starring Justin Chon, has a wise concept regarding an Asian character raised in America and threatened with deportation. The trailers and poster… Read More ›

The Card Counter

A high roller of a Paul Schrader masterpiece. When you see the credits with the names Paul Schrader and Martin Scorsese, you know you’re in for a treat. Schrader is the film critic-turned-screenwriter and filmmaker-the same genus who wrote Scorsese’s… Read More ›


Netflix’s 24 Hours to Live thriller misfires. The set-up for “Kate” sounds flimsy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin, who gets poisoned and has 24 hours to live, which should give her enough time to find her killer before she… Read More ›

The Gateway

Who would win in a fight? The social worker or the abusive husband? “The Gateway” is a B-movie and a pretty good one at that. Yes, it’s got some corny dialogue and generic moments, but it also has some fresh… Read More ›

No Man of God

What went on with Ted Bundy before his execution. The story of Ted Bundy is an infamous one, regarding him as a serial killer, who kidnapped, raped, and murdered young women in the 1970s. Zac Efron portrayed him quite well… Read More ›

Flag Day

Sean Penn connects with his daughter well in front of and behind the camera. I apologize if I didn’t have my review of “Flag Day” sooner, but I was on a family vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. And I would… Read More ›


This post 9/11 drama fights for a worthy cause. One of the opening scenes of “Worth” has Michael Keaton listening to his classical music during his commute, when people start receiving phone calls and reports on September 11, 2001. And… Read More ›


Dash Shaw’s jungle of drawings and colors is worth visiting. “Cryptozoo” is a different kind of independent feature, because it features writer/director Dash Shaw’s animation technique, that combines hand drawings, other kinds of animation, and Photoshop. His first feature was… Read More ›

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