This lesbian ‘80s story needs a new record label. As a writer, Lena Waithe was able to express racism in “Queen & Slim,” and she’s able to express her own lesbianism in “Beauty.” It’s an ‘80s movie about a singer… Read More ›


The spirits are inside these future basketball stars born from a family migration. This month, Netflix gave us the sports drama “Hustle,” which had Adam Sandler as a talent scout trying to get a Spanish man in the NBA, unless… Read More ›


Baz Luhrmann’s Honka Honka Burning Love letter to the King. My grandmother and Elvis Presley both share the same birthday of January 8th, 1935, and though they’ve never met, she still has been influenced by his music. I personally have… Read More ›


An overdose of a drug thriller. Fresh off his success with “Top Gun: Maverick,” director Jospeh Kosinski has another movie also with Miles Teller in the cast. It’s called “Spiderhead,” and unlike that amazing movie, this one is released on… Read More ›

Official Competition

A great Amodovar movie NOT made by him. “Official Competition” may have Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas as the leads, but it’s neither made by Pedro Almodovar nor is it released by Sony Pictures Classics. It’s actually made by Mariano… Read More ›


The kids and teachers get good grades during their perspectives of the Lebanon War. “1982” is the better movie about a would-be romance during a historic moment than “Eiffel” was. That film was set during the construction of the Eiffel… Read More ›


The Adam Sandler sports film that shoots some hoops. When you begin to watch “Hustle,” you see Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production logo, and you’re thinking you’re in trouble. But as you continue watching it, you’re relieved. It’s neither at… Read More ›

Crimes of the Future

The new NSFW dystopian Indie that makes you say “WTF.” As you begin to watch David Cronenberg’s new film “Crimes of the Future,” you don’t know what to expect. You see little boys eating garbage pails, a man who is… Read More ›

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