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Welcome to Marwen

December 21, 2018

“Welcome to Marwen,” the latest entry from director Robert Zemeckis, has its heart in the right place about a man struggling to regain the human elements of his life, with the help of his dolls. But somehow, the movie never really gives us a certain illusion in the magical style of “Forrest Gump.” It’s treated… Read More ›

Mary Poppins Returns

You have to be a complete imbecile to never have seen the Disney classic Mary Poppins. The things I loved about that movie are the musical numbers and eccentric characters that make you all giddy; Dick Van Dyke using a fun British accent as Bert the chimney sweep; but most of all, Julie Andrews’ extraordinary… Read More ›

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

For years, I’ve been complaining that Sony Pictures Animation doesn’t offer anything inspiring in its animation or creativity. They couldn’t make “The Angry Birds Movie” in the style of “The LEGO Movie,” and “The Emoji Movie” took home the Razzie for Worst Picture. And the animation in “Hotel Transylvania 2” looked so generic, I ended… Read More ›


I commend “Aquaman” for its goofy fun in the style of last year’s DC Comics guilty pleasure “Justice League,” and once more, Jason Momoa is fun as the title hero. It isn’t a full throttle DC movie, but it does offer fans the charms they deserve.  A little family history about Aquaman, or Arthur Curry… Read More ›

Mortal Engines

I’m planning to visit London someday (hopefully soon), but not on a vehicle. To put it bluntly, “Mortal Engines” has cars with buildings on them, so consider it like “Mad Max.” That looks and sounds inventive, and I was impressed by it. Director Christian Rivers and screenplay writer/producer Peter Jackson have both drawn out a… Read More ›

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