Dune (2021)

This Sci-Fi epic story gets the cinematic experience the 1984 version didn’t. I viewed David Lynch’s 1984 take on Frank Herbert’s book “Dune,” which had Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, and Patrick Stewart, among others, and I must say as much… Read More ›


A war you can’t win. The initials for the title “Mayday” are repeated as “Mary,” “Alpha,” “Yankee,” “Delta,” “Alpha,” and “Yankee.” And they’re echoed until we see the person speaking those words on the radio. “Mayday” is a drama fantasy… Read More ›


Smart women and show-stopping songs make this updated version of the classic story fun. Yeah, yeah, we all know the story. Ella is treated like the maid by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, who call her Cinderella. Her fairy godmother… Read More ›


Dash Shaw’s jungle of drawings and colors is worth visiting. “Cryptozoo” is a different kind of independent feature, because it features writer/director Dash Shaw’s animation technique, that combines hand drawings, other kinds of animation, and Photoshop. His first feature was… Read More ›

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds levels up with big laughs and almost all the VR rules. In recent memory, we’ve seen a bad guy wanting to be the hero in “Wreck-It Ralph,” and Kevin Hart being annoyed at the non-player characters (NPC for… Read More ›

Nine Days

Edson Oda’s riveting haiku on the meaning of life. Two years in a row, I’ve seen movies with such existential ideas: “Soul,” which was my pick of the Best Film of last year, and now “Nine Days,” which was written… Read More ›

The Green Knight

A lean, mean, and green portrayal of a medieval tale. “The Green Knight” is A24’s fantasy retelling of medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and stars Dev Patel as the young knight, who manages to chop off… Read More ›

Snake Eyes

It’s a gamble and we lose. The origin story for the G.I. Joe character, “Snake Eyes,” has more action and fights than a story. So much slicing, kicking, and punching goes on, that it’s often difficult to comprehend what the… Read More ›


If you don’t swat this fly, you’ll get a real kick out of it. Mandibles” is a French comedy that’s obviously inspired by The Farrelly Brothers. One of the elements from those comedy geniuses is how animals are used for… Read More ›

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