Dash Shaw’s jungle of drawings and colors is worth visiting. “Cryptozoo” is a different kind of independent feature, because it features writer/director Dash Shaw’s animation technique, that combines hand drawings, other kinds of animation, and Photoshop. His first feature was… Read More ›


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s colorful animated musical learns to be flexible. Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the most fearless musical actors on stage and screen. From “Hamilton” to “In The Heights” to “Mary Poppins Returns,” he’s made a name for himself. Now,… Read More ›


Hanna-Barbara favorites get new jobs, new genders, and new animation. I did a video chat with Dana Snyder who does the voice of Snagglepuss, Touche Turtle, Lambsy, Caveman, Jr., and Tinker on HBO Max’s new animated series “Jellystone,” and I… Read More ›

Monsters at Work

The Monsters Inc. series fans have been craving for. The original “Monsters Inc.” from 20 years ago, created by Pete Docter, was a Pixar classic with some of the most whimsical characters-particularly Mike and Sulley-and some of the best animation… Read More ›


Pixar’s latest is fun beyond the sea and land. Take the sex out of “Call Me By Your Name,” the violence out of “The Shape of Water,” the singing out of “The Little Mermaid,” and take the romance out of… Read More ›

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