This ain’t your ordinary Beauty and the Beast tale. “Belle” is a Japanese anime feature that plays like a “Matrix” version of “Beauty and the Beast.” The virtual reality world is known as “U,” which allows users to be anyone… Read More ›

Back to the Outback

These deadly Australian creatures are cuter than this lame script, weak jokes, and annoying koala. Pretty much the only reason why I would review the animated “Back to the Outback” on Netflix is because of its four deadly Australian creatures,… Read More ›


An gloriously animated doc about a refuge with a hard childhood. We meet Amin, a refugee from Kabul, Afghanistan, who is interviewed about his life. He talks about family, politics, and his homosexuality. His moderator-writer/director Jonas Poher Rasmussen-has him lying… Read More ›

Sing 2

Cute animated sequel hits almost all the right U2 notes. You know when the Big Bad Wolf threatens to throw the dreamer koala Buster Moon off a building, he’s clearly the bad guy. And even if Buster delivers the goods,… Read More ›


The meaning of family is determined in Disney’s colorful delight. Disney’s 60th animated feature “Encanto” is the studio’s fourth feature to have a Latin American spirit after “Saludos Amigos,” “The Three Caballeros,” and “The Emperor’s New Groove.” If you haven’t… Read More ›


Dash Shaw’s jungle of drawings and colors is worth visiting. “Cryptozoo” is a different kind of independent feature, because it features writer/director Dash Shaw’s animation technique, that combines hand drawings, other kinds of animation, and Photoshop. His first feature was… Read More ›

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