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September 27, 2018

Underneath some of the typical animated movie cliches is a good-natured and flexible cartoon with such fun voices and an honest story. “Smallfoot” is released by the Warner Animation Group, best known for “The LEGO Movie,” and while it’s not up to that level, it’s animation makes the characters look fun. Channing Tatum voices Migo,… Read More ›

The House With a Clock in its Walls

Eli Roth’s next feature “The House With a Clock in its Walls” works wonders with its production design, sets, and some magic; but fails to provide anything special. As a kids movie (and I think very small children will be afraid), it splices thrills with goofiness (in a manner of “Beetlejuice”), but nothing tickled me…. Read More ›

The Sound of Music

It’s not often these days we get musicals so honest, patient, or robust; but when we travel back in time a bit, we manage to find those that represent those words. “The Sound of Music” has it all-comedy, drama, romance, suspense, and most importantly of all-music. This wonderful movie for all ages is adapted from… Read More ›

Christopher Robin

For my two honey pots, I actually enjoyed “Christopher Robin” more than “Goodbye Christopher Robin” from last year. Mainly because we see the grown-up Christopher Robin and his reunion with his stuffed animal friends from Winnie the Pooh to Tigger to Piglet, and because of how whimsical the movie looks. Like I said in my “Goodbye… Read More ›

Incredibles 2

For 14 years, fans have been itching to know when is “Incredibles 2” coming out? They kept asking and asking, until 2018, when it finally came out. I took a buddy of mine to see the 6pm IMAX Double Feature, and we enjoyed both movies. The original film, directed by Brad Bird, was extraordinary. It… Read More ›

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