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June 8, 2018

The best horror movie of the year, so far, has arrived, and that is “Hereditary.” This is no jump scare piece of crap; it’s a personal study that heads straight to Hell. You don’t know how lucky you are to have a thriller so riveting. Toni Collette stars as Annie, a mother and artist, whose… Read More ›

You Were Never Really Here

Let’s take a break from the whole Ad game a bit, and check out “Your Were Never Really Here,” a bold, thrilling, and visionary drama about a hitman with a troubled past, and his mission in life. When it comes to Indie films, these hitman movies are treated with such complex details and moral objections…. Read More ›


What you want out of a good murder mystery is the key elements you need to help solve it-the characters, the items, and the explanation of their whereabouts at the time of the murder. “Gemini” offers those elements with a twist at the end, and while certain things may throw you off a bit, you’re… Read More ›


Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 mystery thriller “Vertigo” has it all-fears, romance, lies, twists, obsession, and temptations. I’ve watched it for the first time, as part of its 60th Anniversary, and I was amazed at the directions it takes. James Stewart plays John “Scottie” Ferguson, a retired San Francisco detective, who suffers from acrophobia, which gives him… Read More ›

Game Night

There’s a saying: “You’re smarter than you look,” and that was my reaction towards “Game Night.” I was on the fence with the trailers, especially with how it’s difficult finding a mass market R-rated comedy that’s actually funny. Once I saw the movie, I found it to be a surprise. John Francis Daley and Jonathan… Read More ›

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