Downton Abbey: A New Era

The PBS characters continue to be themselves and delight us all the way. I began my review of the first movie version of Julian Fellowes’ acclaimed PBS series “Downton Abbey” with this: “…..the movie version of the hit series “Downton… Read More ›

Paris, 13th District

Jacques Audiard’s dramatic romcom has passion, laughs, and real tears. “Paris, 13th District” is about one man and three women. Unlike “The Other Woman,” it’s not dumb or degrading or miserable. It’s a smart and often whimsical French comedy with… Read More ›

Mothering Sunday

This period drama has more passion than literature. When you step inside a British period piece, distributed domestically by Sony Pictures Classics, you want to be relaxed by the ambiance, you want to see the life given by the performances… Read More ›

Cheaper by the Dozen

An unnecessary, but good-natured Baker’s Dozen. Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union play Paul and Zoe Baker, two “Cheaper by the Dozen” parents, who have a lot of kids of their own. To clarify, they don’t have 12 kids by themselves…. Read More ›


A musical that admires these two romantics and the girl they’re both in love with. Director Joe Wright’s last movie was “The Woman in the Window,” which was an absolute mess and on my list of the worst films of… Read More ›

I Want You Back

Charlie Day and Jenny Slate both levitate in the right kind of romcom. Charlie Day wasted his talents in “Horrible Bosses 2,” “Vacation,” and “Fist Fight,” and tried to tackle on villainous roles in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and “Hotel Artemis.”… Read More ›

Marry Me

I object to this would-be wedding romcom. In the past decade, I’ve heard two movie songs that have been playing on the radio for months before or after their film’s release dates. And I’ve heard polarizing reactions towards them. The… Read More ›

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