The Persian Version

This cute Iranian-American comedy gets deported by its many plot elements. “The Persian Version” has the right to represent its Iranian culture to an American audience, especially when it’s narrative and young heroine explain how their values work. It chooses… Read More ›

She Came to Me

A misguided dramedy that comes to negativity. “She Came to Me” starts off with a decent premise between Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei, and then explodes with various problems within the screenplay. And I’m saying it in critical and pathos… Read More ›

The Pod Generation

The visual world is fascinating, but the story lays an egg. I’m a slow learner when it comes to some of today’s modern amenities. You know smart homes, smart watches, and smart phones. I have a MacBook Pro, iPhone, and… Read More ›


A plastic movie with a real heart and colorful laughs. The routine of playing with Barbie dolls is simple. She wakes up all happy, takes showers with no running water, eats her plastic breakfast, drives her car to the beach,… Read More ›

The Out-Laws

I think I’ll skip the reception. “The Outlaws” shamelessly rips off “Meet the Parents,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” “Ocean’s 11,” and “The In-Laws,” and I mean really shamelessly. Like it’s one of the worst comedies I’ve seen in recent memory. The… Read More ›

Asteroid City

An attractive disappointment from the brilliant Wes Anderson. Here’s the big cast in Wes Anderson’s latest comedy “Asteroid City.” You have Anderson regulars Jason Schwartzmann, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Liev Schreiber, Stephen… Read More ›


Disney/Pixar’s latest is a rainbow of colors. In regards to the four elements of life (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), we’ve seen Mila Jovovich or Elsa being revealed as “The Fifth Elements,” but rarely have we seen them in the… Read More ›

Past Lives

Love stories like this deserve to be authentic, too. “Past Lives” is an authentic look at how two childhood friends in Seoul, South Korea go their separate ways and reunite as young adults. To clarify, this isn’t some kind of… Read More ›

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