The King’s Daughter

This dopey would-be children’s fairy tale is no “Little Mermaid.” When the brave sailor Yves De La Croix (Benjamin Walker) tells his crew Atlantis is “Due North,” his mate says: “Are you sure?,” and he responds: “Only if you believe… Read More ›


Peace be with you John Cena. When we last saw John Cena’s Peacemaker, he was trying to cover up Amanda Walker’s dirty secrets by murdering Rick Flagg, and got shot in the throat by Bloodsport. The post credit scenes of… Read More ›


This ain’t your ordinary Beauty and the Beast tale. “Belle” is a Japanese anime feature that plays like a “Matrix” version of “Beauty and the Beast.” The virtual reality world is known as “U,” which allows users to be anyone… Read More ›

The King’s Man

An absolute mess of a prequel to a stylish action comedy. The original “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” directed by Matthew Vaughn, was a wildly entertaining action movie that introduced us to Taron Egerton, and what an exceptional actor he is…. Read More ›

Back to the Outback

These deadly Australian creatures are cuter than this lame script, weak jokes, and annoying koala. Pretty much the only reason why I would review the animated “Back to the Outback” on Netflix is because of its four deadly Australian creatures,… Read More ›

Sing 2

Cute animated sequel hits almost all the right U2 notes. You know when the Big Bad Wolf threatens to throw the dreamer koala Buster Moon off a building, he’s clearly the bad guy. And even if Buster delivers the goods,… Read More ›


Renner and Steinfeld spread some holiday cheer and bow and arrows before the New Year. I was only given a 2-episode sneak preview of Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ new series “Hawkeye,” but I already know I want to see more…. Read More ›

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