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Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

July 17, 2018

Out of the two movies this year to feature great performances from Joaquin Phoenix, so far, my favorite would be “You Were Never Really Here,” which thrives in showing us the deep emotions of a hit man suffering from PTSD. His next film, “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” isn’t glorious in terms… Read More ›

The Catcher Was a Spy

For a movie to combine baseball with World War II, “The Catcher Was a Spy” doesn’t really seem to make a home run. It has a dry complexion that upstages the premise and characters. I was, however, interested in the main character Moe Berg (1902-1972), a baseball catcher, who gets a job working for the… Read More ›

Molly’s Game

There’s a lot of money talk in “Molly’s Game, whether it’s understandable or not. Most of it is provided by Jessica Chastain, who narrates the film with the same magic given by Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Ignore the money chattering, and enjoy “Molly’s Game” for its acting and I.Q. Chastain… Read More ›

All the Money in the World

As many of you know: Kevin Spacey got the boot from Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World,” because of the sexual allegations aimed against him. The trailer and poster already showed us him playing J. Paul Getty, the richest man in the world, but at the last minute and with an extra budget… Read More ›

The Post

Why did I love Steven Spielberg’s “The Post?” It could be because I’m a journalist. It could be that I’m a young man who loves hearing all this government/journalism talk in movies. It could be its true life story is important even in the Trump Era. And it could be Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks… Read More ›

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