It shares its love for gay themes and lucha libre. This month, I’ve seen two films about Mexican legends, who have their own dreams to accomplish. “A Million Miles Away” starred Michael Pena as the first Mexican-American astronaut Jose Hernandez,… Read More ›

Dumb Money

A fun view of the stock market during the COVID-19 pandemic. After my viewing of “Dumb Money,” I was getting into a conversation with a young woman about how congress and Wall Street can play a pretty messed up game…. Read More ›

The Hill

This good-hearted baseball drama makes some home-runs, even if this kid shouldn’t run. “The Hill” isn’t a perfect baseball movie, because it has its rules, especially if it’s in a faith-based genre. The rules regard how certain things have to… Read More ›

Dreamin’ Wild

This music biopic has its heart in the right place. “Dreamin’ Wild” is the good-natured story about how the famous musician brothers Donnie and Joe Emerson started performing in the 70s, went their separate ways career wise, and reunited when… Read More ›


The most explosive movie of the year so far. Christopher Nolan has proven himself to be one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. One who knows the stakes, pushes himself to new limits, and isn’t afraid to work with… Read More ›

Flamin’ Hot

A not so dangerously cheesy take on how these snacks came into fruition. “Flamin’ Hot” tells the story of how Frito-Lays chips were changed forever because of the spicy hot flavors added to them. Richard Montañez is a Mexican-American laborer,… Read More ›

Shooting Stars

This made-for-Peacock movie shoots some hoops. “Shooting Stars” is a pretty good take on how LeBron James began his early career as a basketball star. But this small biopic, released on Peacock, isn’t just about him; but also his teammates… Read More ›


A movie you should text and talk about. “BlackBerry” is another brutally funny and consistently entertaining biopic about an idea that transcended from cynicism to success after Ben Affleck’s “Air.” That was about Nike’s deal with Michael Jordan; this one… Read More ›

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