Some don’t like it hot. Andrew Dominik’s take on Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde” is a miserable bag for me. It’s a movie that looks great, because of the scope and Ana de Armas portraying the actress, but feels unfocused and… Read More ›

Thirteen Lives

Don’t play in caves; see this movie. “Thirteen Lives” is director Ron Howard’s best film since “Rush.” It’s a film that keeps us at the edge of our seats, while being emotionally challenged by its reenactment of the 2018 Tham… Read More ›


The spirits are inside these future basketball stars born from a family migration. This month, Netflix gave us the sports drama “Hustle,” which had Adam Sandler as a talent scout trying to get a Spanish man in the NBA, unless… Read More ›


Baz Luhrmann’s Honka Honka Burning Love letter to the King. My grandmother and Elvis Presley both share the same birthday of January 8th, 1935, and though they’ve never met, she still has been influenced by his music. I personally have… Read More ›


This Eiffel Tower biopic doesn’t merge with the fictional romance the way it should. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has been a celebrated worldwide structure, designed and nicknamed after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. I’d love to visit the country… Read More ›

The Survivor

Ben Foster gives a knockout performance as a boxer in the Holocaust. I didn’t know Auschwitz had boxing, considering all the horrific tortures. I didn’t even learn about it in school. “The Survivor,” which makes its premiere on HBO, taught… Read More ›

The Duke

The wise and witty retelling about a stolen painting. Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren both merge well with the seriousness and comical appeal in “The Duke,” written and directed by the late great Roger Michell. It’s about the theft of… Read More ›

Father Stu

This biopic has faith, humor, and commitment for the most part. I made the right decision to skip “Daddy’s Home 2, which starred Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson as a father and son. Now, for the first time in five… Read More ›

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