This doc cares about Jennifer Lopez, and so do we. We first see that Jennifer Lopez has turned 50, and is on the verge of performing at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020. As a Latina, she wanted to… Read More ›

Polar Bear

These polar bears wish we could go green. Almost every year in celebration of Earth Day, Disney Nature releases animal documentary with a celebrity narrator and a faithfulness to the creatures and their environments. This year’s entry, released on Disney+,… Read More ›


A moo-vie that has us worried about the cows. “Cow” is a sad and poignant documentary about the day in the life of cows at a farm in the U.K. It’s all about the routines-how they must be feed, how… Read More ›

Havana Libre

These Cuban surfers catch some pretty gnarly waves. Surfing has been considered illegal in Cuba, because of how many of its inhabitants have tried and failed to make their way to America. A slogan says: “Sport-a right of the people,”… Read More ›

More Than Robots

The sweet Disney+ doc about young robotic gamers. Gillian Jacobs is known for her roles in “Community,” “I Used to Go Here,” among others. Now, she makes her directorial debut of the made-for-Disney+ documentary “More Than Robots,” which focuses on… Read More ›

Lucy and Desi

Another fabulous movie about a fabulous couple in their fame and hardships. Amy Poehler makes her documentary directorial debut on “Lucy and Desi,” which focuses on the acting legends and famous couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Aaron Sorkin’s take… Read More ›

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