The Velvet Underground

This doc loves the music group and its members and collaborators. Todd Haynes presents his first documentary about The Velvet Underground nearly in a similar vibe as “I’m Not There.” It loves musicians, a black-and-white scope, and the songs that… Read More ›


The poignant doc on Val Kilmer. With major flicks like “Top Gun,” “Batman Forever,” “Top Secret,””The Doors,” “Heat,” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” Val Kilmer has made a name for himself. The documentary “Val” explains it all with a poignant… Read More ›

Pray Away

This emotional Netflix doc proves homophobia is the root of evil. Back in 2018, I saw this exceptional drama called “Boy Erased,” which was based on a true story about the son of Baptist parents, who had to go to… Read More ›

Summer of Soul

The festival we never saw on TV makes its film debut for all the right reasons. While the Woodstock festival was happening in 1969, another festival took place 100 miles away. It was known as the Harlem Cultural Festival, and… Read More ›

Changing the Game

This Hulu doc about three transgender student athletes goes for the gold. In my travels as young film critic, I’ve never come across a documentary that focuses on transgender athletes, until Hulu and director Michael Barnett released “Changing the Game.”… Read More ›

Final Account

An important doc about the remaining Nazis in this world. We’re already in the 2020s, and the last generation of Nazis or those who knew them have their own stories and perspectives to tell about the worst human crimes in… Read More ›

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