The Eternal Memory

A love story that you easily can’t forget. “The Eternal Memory” is a Chilean documentary, about a happy couple, who have dated for 20 years, and finally walked down the aisle. The husband is named Augusto Góngora, and he was… Read More ›

Black Ice

These players want to kick some ice against racism, and we support them. “Black Ice” is a documentary set in Canada and focusing on black hockey players, who have suffered through discrimination. It talks about how these dedicated players saw… Read More ›


Wake Me Up Before You Go Go see this doc. “Wham!” is the made-for-Netflix documentary about how Andrew Ridgeley and the late George Michael formed the pop music group Wham! in Bushey in the 1980s. It shows us their hit… Read More ›

Every Body

A doc that shows its pride. Intersex is when a person is born with male and female genes. When kids are born with those traits, the information is withheld from them. “Every Body” is the new documentary from Julie Cohen… Read More ›

Stan Lee

Excelsior to the doc about this Marvel legend! Stan Lee is immortal in everyone who loves comic books, nostalgia, and just about anything to do with the heart and valor of superheroes. He was also a great guy you want… Read More ›


Follow this Yellow Brick Road. “Lynch/Oz” is a documentary about how filmmaker David Lynch was influenced by “The Wizard of Oz” in his work, but in the more spiritual sense. Writer/diretcor Alexandre O. Philippe (“You Can Call Me Bill,” “78/52:… Read More ›

It Ain’t Over

A home run of a baseball doc. Yogi Berra was the baseball player, who was ridiculed for having a cartoonish appearance with his face and height (5’7), that he field name inspired the Hanna-Barbara cartoon “Yogi Near.” Of course, they… Read More ›

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