Salt In My Soul

The worst of times about CF is told emotionally. The opening credits of “Salt In My Soul” explain how Mallory Smith (1992-2017) secretly recorded her struggle with cystic fibrosis (CF) in her diaries, computer, and audio recordings, and how in… Read More ›

Citizen Ashe

This well-meaning doc should have done more with Arthur Ashe’s story. It used to be white people playing tennis, until an African-American named Arthur Ashe (1943-1993) changed that perspective. Despite all the racial slurs and discriminations, these players were all… Read More ›

Try Harder

#StopAsianHate, you racist educational systems! Lowell High has been ranked the #1 public school in San Francisco with a Majority Asian-American student body. However, over the past 15 years, acceptance rates for the best colleges (Stanford, UCLA, etc.) have been… Read More ›


An gloriously animated doc about a refuge with a hard childhood. We meet Amin, a refugee from Kabul, Afghanistan, who is interviewed about his life. He talks about family, politics, and his homosexuality. His moderator-writer/director Jonas Poher Rasmussen-has him lying… Read More ›


This Showtime doc shows these teenagers are people, too. Teenagers these, days say, the darndest or damnedest things. They know when to drop F bombs, break the rules (drinking, sex, etc.), and when to express themselves freely. Movies like “Superbad,”… Read More ›


A delicious, comical, and emotional doc on the woman who changed the face of cooking. Julia Child (1912-2004) has learned the power and love of culinary arts during her visit in France with her husband Paul, and throughout her life,… Read More ›

The Velvet Underground

This doc loves the music group and its members and collaborators. Todd Haynes presents his first documentary about The Velvet Underground nearly in a similar vibe as “I’m Not There.” It loves musicians, a black-and-white scope, and the songs that… Read More ›

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