The Eight Mountains

Like a cup of fresh mountain air. People suffers from altitude sickness if they go higher on the mountains, but there’s plenty of oxygen in “The Eight Mountains.” Husband and wife filmmakers Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch both present… Read More ›


Don’t mess with this gold prospector. “Sisu” is a movie that plays like a low-budgeted version of “John Wick” meets “Inglorious Basterds,” because it uses no names that American audiences would know and, simultaneously, it offers the same kind of… Read More ›

Tori and Lokita

Riveting performances from two immigrant youngsters posing as brother and sister. There’s a sibling connection between two youngsters who aren’t actually related, but feel like they are, and are threatened by bad people in “Tori and Lokita,” the latest feature… Read More ›


Look at these fast bikes and this tough rider. In “Rodeo,” the latest French import, Julia (Julie Ledru) is troubled and independent Caribbean biker, who has a talent for stealing used motorbikes from online sellers by making them hold her… Read More ›

The Quiet Girl

This Irish drama has a voice. Being of Irish descent, I was easily delighted to know that “The Quiet Girl” is the first Irish feature to be nominated in the Oscar’s Best International Feature category. I find no offense to… Read More ›


A beautiful film about young love being thrown out the window. When friendships can be destroyed with one fell swoop, it can bring on misery. Doesn’t matter the age-kids or adults. “The Banshees of Inisherin” expressed that comically and seriously,… Read More ›

Return to Seoul

An adoption story that wins you over. “Return to Seoul” is a different Korean film. It regards a young French-Korean woman named Freddie, who speaks French and a little English and not Korean, because she was put up for adoption,… Read More ›

The Good Boss

It’s mostly balanced on this not so good boss. I knew what to expect when watching the Spanish dark comedy “The Good Boss.” The poster tried to cross out the word “Good,” so I knew this boss would be trouble…. Read More ›

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