Return to Seoul

An adoption story that wins you over. “Return to Seoul” is a different Korean film. It regards a young French-Korean woman named Freddie, who speaks French and a little English and not Korean, because she was put up for adoption,… Read More ›

The Good Boss

It’s mostly balanced on this not so good boss. I knew what to expect when watching the Spanish dark comedy “The Good Boss.” The poster tried to cross out the word “Good,” so I knew this boss would be trouble…. Read More ›

Official Competition

A great Amodovar movie NOT made by him. “Official Competition” may have Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas as the leads, but it’s neither made by Pedro Almodovar nor is it released by Sony Pictures Classics. It’s actually made by Mariano… Read More ›

The Innocents

The connection of telekinetic powers threatens these kids, one of whom is autistic. Its not often we get to see a foreign film with an autistic character. We’ve mostly seen them in American movies like “Rain Man” or “Come Play,”… Read More ›


Yet another risky film about an illegal abortion. After I watched the new French drama “Happening,” which was about an illegal abortion, I went back to watch the 2007 Romanian drama “4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days,” was also… Read More ›

Petite Maman

Twin actresses playing a mother and daughter is more delightful and emotional than you’d expect. Translated from French to English as “Little Mom,” “Petite Maman” is a French movie that can easily relate to the child in all of us…. Read More ›

Paris, 13th District

Jacques Audiard’s dramatic romcom has passion, laughs, and real tears. “Paris, 13th District” is about one man and three women. Unlike “The Other Woman,” it’s not dumb or degrading or miserable. It’s a smart and often whimsical French comedy with… Read More ›

Wood and Water

A peaceful retirement film that’s more relaxing than structured. This is a short review, because “Wood and Water” is a short movie, running for nearly 80 minutes. It’s a German import written and directed by Jonas Bak, in which he… Read More ›

Havana Libre

These Cuban surfers catch some pretty gnarly waves. Surfing has been considered illegal in Cuba, because of how many of its inhabitants have tried and failed to make their way to America. A slogan says: “Sport-a right of the people,”… Read More ›

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