A girl goes from brat to killer in this WTF French import. “Titane,” the French film that made writer/director Julia Duccourna (“Raw”) the second female director to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, is a bizarre and… Read More ›

I’m Your Man

The qualities and difficulties of a dreamy German robot with a British accent. If you’ve hated the false advertising of “Bicentennial Man” with Robin William or Garry Shandling’s motorized appendage in “What Planet Are You From,” then “I’m Your Man”… Read More ›


If you don’t swat this fly, you’ll get a real kick out of it. Mandibles” is a French comedy that’s obviously inspired by The Farrelly Brothers. One of the elements from those comedy geniuses is how animals are used for… Read More ›

Final Account

An important doc about the remaining Nazis in this world. We’re already in the 2020s, and the last generation of Nazis or those who knew them have their own stories and perspectives to tell about the worst human crimes in… Read More ›

New Order

This Spanish controversial riot thriller plays like a real life horror movie. “New Order” is an unforgiving and absorbing experience about a revolution between the upper and lower classes in Mexico City . This Spanish import, translated from “Nuevo Orden,”… Read More ›

Riders of Justice

Mads Mikkelsen kills it as a man battling bad guys and his emotions. Fresh off his success with the Oscar-winning “Another Round,” Mads Mikkelsen has released a new movie out called “Riders of Justice.” It wasn’t directed by the same… Read More ›

About Endlessness

A gorgeous-looking film about various people in the past and present. “About Endlessness,” the new Swedish drama from director Roy Andersson, is told from the perspectives of a young woman, who tells the audience about the characters she views in… Read More ›


A doggone sad and cute documentary about Istanbul’s strays. The opening credits for the new Turkish documentary “Stray” explain how capturing and killing stray dogs has recently been illegal in Turkey, and that’s why we see some stray dogs without… Read More ›


The grass is always greener when we meet insightful characters. “Minari” is a passionate film about a family of South Korean immigrants finding their own American Dream. Writer/director Lee Isaac Chung based this movie on his own upbringing, and he… Read More ›

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