Fallen Leaves

These two lonely people are a match made in Heaven. “Fallen Leaves” introduces us to two lonely people who both lose their crappy jobs, spot each other on Karaoke Night, have a date, and then struggle to spark a relationship… Read More ›

Anatomy of a Fall

Accident or murder? This profound movie must figure that out. The death of a loved one is heartbreaking beyond measure, especially if it has to be a painful one. It regards a struggling writer named Samuel (Samuel Theis), who has… Read More ›

Strange Way of Life

Hawke and Pascal shoot and score in Almodovar’s hit-&-miss short western. In his latest short film “Strange Way of Life,” Pedro Almodovar has developed a western that uses the right convictions to draw his loyal fans in. He doesn’t rely… Read More ›

El Conde

This vampire satire drinks some fresh blood. “El Conde” is the third vampire movie I have seen this year, after the charming “Renfield” and the boring “Last Voyage of the Demeter.” I’ve seen vampires in the forms of Tom Cruise… Read More ›

The Eternal Memory

A love story that you easily can’t forget. “The Eternal Memory” is a Chilean documentary, about a happy couple, who have dated for 20 years, and finally walked down the aisle. The husband is named Augusto Góngora, and he was… Read More ›

Two Tickets to Greece

A trip gone wrong makes some right detours. This September, we’re getting the threequel “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” which takes the family on vacation to their homeland of Greece.” This summer, on a much smaller scale, we have… Read More ›

The Eight Mountains

Like a cup of fresh mountain air. People suffers from altitude sickness if they go higher on the mountains, but there’s plenty of oxygen in “The Eight Mountains.” Husband and wife filmmakers Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch both present… Read More ›


Don’t mess with this gold prospector. “Sisu” is a movie that plays like a low-budgeted version of “John Wick” meets “Inglorious Basterds,” because it uses no names that American audiences would know and, simultaneously, it offers the same kind of… Read More ›

Tori and Lokita

Riveting performances from two immigrant youngsters posing as brother and sister. There’s a sibling connection between two youngsters who aren’t actually related, but feel like they are, and are threatened by bad people in “Tori and Lokita,” the latest feature… Read More ›


Look at these fast bikes and this tough rider. In “Rodeo,” the latest French import, Julia (Julie Ledru) is troubled and independent Caribbean biker, who has a talent for stealing used motorbikes from online sellers by making them hold her… Read More ›

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