Boston Strangler

We need a good story for the papers. The second film version about the Boston Strangler comes to Hulu this week under the name “Boston Strangler.” What else? The killer has murdered 13 women in Boston between 1962 and 1964,… Read More ›

Jesus Revolution

Hippies and religion collide with more faith than depth. I imagine the religious crowd buying tickets to see “Jesus Revolution,” and why wouldn’t they? I may not that religious, but I still thank Jesus for giving me the faith and… Read More ›


A love letter to movies that’s shocking, vulgar, messy and outrageously entertaining. Before you go skimming to my rating of “Babylon,” I suggest you read my review before you go see it and snap at me for enjoying it. You… Read More ›

Call Jane

See how Elizabeth Banks joins the Jane Collective. In the breezy drama “Call Jane,” Elizabeth Banks stars as a traditional Chicago housewife named Joy in 1969, whose pregnancy threatens to give her congestive heart failure, and abortions were illegal at… Read More ›


Danielle Deadwyler fights the power in more ways than you know. “Till” is the true story about how a 14-year-old African American boy named Emmett Till was murdered by white people, after a white woman accused him of harassing her… Read More ›


David O. Russell’s latest A-list caper is a big mess. “Amsterdam” is the latest star-studded entry from director David O. Russell, whose “American Hustle” was on my best of 2010s list, but unfortunately, it’s a convoluted misfire that can’t decide… Read More ›

The Woman King

Viola Davis and all these strong women fight the power in this epic war movie. After the 2019 “Charlie’s Angels” and “The 355” have both failed at the box office, some have been convinced that movie-goers are no longer interested… Read More ›


The kids and teachers get good grades during their perspectives of the Lebanon War. “1982” is the better movie about a would-be romance during a historic moment than “Eiffel” was. That film was set during the construction of the Eiffel… Read More ›


This Eiffel Tower biopic doesn’t merge with the fictional romance the way it should. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has been a celebrated worldwide structure, designed and nicknamed after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. I’d love to visit the country… Read More ›

The Northman

The gritty and gruesome tale that inspired the gritty and gruesome Shakespeare tragedy. The Scandinavian legend Amleth is the one who inspired William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet.” The story of how a king was murdered by his treacherous brother, and the… Read More ›

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