Flora and Son

See how these character change with the right musical notes. John Carney is an Irish filmmaker who is able to share his passion for characters and music. “Once,” “Begin Again,” and “Sing Street” are all proof that he ranks with… Read More ›

Dreamin’ Wild

This music biopic has its heart in the right place. “Dreamin’ Wild” is the good-natured story about how the famous musician brothers Donnie and Joe Emerson started performing in the 70s, went their separate ways career wise, and reunited when… Read More ›

Theater Camp

The actors hit the right notes with laughs and empathy. There’s a lot of exuberance and laughs in “Theater Camp,” the directorial debuts of Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman. They along with Ben Platt and Noah Galvin co-wrote this film… Read More ›


Wake Me Up Before You Go Go see this doc. “Wham!” is the made-for-Netflix documentary about how Andrew Ridgeley and the late George Michael formed the pop music group Wham! in Bushey in the 1980s. It shows us their hit… Read More ›


A concerto that fights the power. “Chevalier” is the true story about French musician Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who became a virtuoso violinist in the 18th Century. He was born out of adultery between the married white plantation owner… Read More ›

Spinning Gold

Too many subplots scratch this hot record. Neil Bogart assures the audience that everything happened in “Spinning Gold” is true, even if some parts aren’t. He wasn’t related to Humphrey Bogart. In fact, his birth last name was Bogatz. He… Read More ›


Todd Field’s return to cinemas hits all the right notes. Cate Blanchett gives us one of her best (Oscar-caliber) performances as a conductor of a German orchestra, who has been labeled “one of the greatest composers of all time,” and… Read More ›

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