Spirit Untamed

Cute animated feature is galloping more for kids than adults. When “Shrek” came out 20 years ago, Roger Ebert explained how as kids and teens get older that they expect animated movies and shows to be more fearless and more… Read More ›

Mortal Kombat (2021)

It’s not much of a flawless victory for these video game fighters. Originally developed in 1992 (my birth year), “Mortal Kombat” is one of the most popular video games franchises (which I have zero involvement with, since I’m no video… Read More ›

Godzilla vs Kong

Speaking to these monsters, let’s get ready to rumble! “Batman v Superman” was on my list of the worst movies of 2016, mainly because of its pointless battle between the two DC superheroes. And now, we have “Godzilla vs Kong”… Read More ›


It would have been good if it wasn’t for those Meddling Kids. Most of us fans hated the live-action “Scooby Doo” movies from two decades ago, because of how they made the Hanna-Barbara dog a CGI monster, and for tainting… Read More ›

Hellboy (2019)

Bloody Hell, is this reboot violent and loud? I was having a small discussion the other day with a friend of my uncle’s. He was saying that he barely goes to the movies anymore, because of how everything has to… Read More ›

Tomb Raider

The minute you hear a lot of noise from gun fire and explosions in an action movie, you know that’s too much. And the minute you hear certain lines, like someone being presumed dead, you’re not surprised by the twist…. Read More ›

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