House Party

This 90s remake isn’t all that. The iconic 90s comedy hit “House Party” with Kid n Play and the late Robin Harris will last longer than this new remake. It knew how to have Kid sneak out for a party… Read More ›

Hellraiser (2022)

This remake raises some Hell. Before I watched the reboot of “Hellraiser,” I had to travel back in time to see the 1987 version, who was directed by Clive Barker, who adapted his own novella “The Hellbound Heart.” It’s an… Read More ›

Pinocchio (Disney+)

Yet another unnecessary live-action Disney remake. There have been many attempts to top the original 1940 Disney animated classic “Pinocchio,” which was taken from Carlo Collodi’s story, and many have tried and failed. There was “The Adventures of Pinocchio” with… Read More ›

Father of the Bride

Say “Yes” to this Latino-American version. Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan are the latest leads in this third film version of “Father of the Bride,” after Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett in 1950 and Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in… Read More ›


Not the Liam Neeson film I’d pay attention to or even remember. The last two Liam Neeson action movies I chose to skip were “The Ice Road” and “Blacklight,” because when I sense a movie will be bad, I’ll take… Read More ›

The Guilty

The performances shine over these recycled phone calls. You have to know your past in order to know your future: a lesson that everyone should acknowledge. It’s not just apply to history, but also movies. You have to know what… Read More ›

Wrath of Man

Not the Jason Statham/Guy Richie film you were hoping for. “Wrath of Man” is not only a remake of the French film “Le Convoyeur” (translated “Cash Truck”), but it’s also the fourth collaboration of Jason Statham and director Guy Ritchie,… Read More ›

Mulan (2020)

The latest Disney remake brings honor to the main heroine. The 1998 animated feature “Mulan” was an absolute delight, because it possessed a Chinese spirit by resurrecting its legend Hua Mulan, giving the heroine her courage and honor, and allowing… Read More ›

The Jesus Rolls

This spin-off/remake wastes the iconic character and rolls gutter balls. “The Big Lebowski” will always be one of the Coen Brothers’ most extraordinary and nostalgic masterpieces of this or any other century. It resonates with fans with its twisted sense… Read More ›

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