Close Enough

J.G. Quintel’s new animated series matures quickly and ambitiously. Animator J.G. Quintel was known for his hit Cartoon Network show “Regular Show,” which provided a 80s-90s nostalgia, delivered adult humor, and energetic fantasies. I’ll never forget a gag, when two… Read More ›

Space Force

Michael Scott has The Right Stuff, more or less. Steve Carell was, hands down, the funniest TV boss on NBC-Michael Scott on “The Office.”   His verbal and physical gimmicks, as well as his low-key and looney tone made him… Read More ›

Solar Opposites

Hulu series does for aliens what “Rick & Morty” did for Parallel Universes. Coming on the success of Adult Swim’s hit animated series “Rick & Morty,” Justin Roiland (the co-creator and star) has crafted another project, this one on Hulu…. Read More ›


Forget the logics; the stars, premise, and thrills make the show dangerous. I don’t watch much television thrillers, but when I’ve gotten word that “Hunters” is the first series to star Al Pacino, I just had to check it out… Read More ›

Green Eggs & Ham

Complete with comedy, messages, and a dangerous plot, you’ll enjoy this Netflix Dr. Seuss series a lot. We’ll begin this review with rhyming, and end it on a serious note. I’m a film critic, don’t you know, but when I… Read More ›

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