Chang Can Dunk

This Disney+ shoots some hoop dreams “Chang Can Dunk” is another entertaining underdog basketball movie to come out this weekend, after “Champions.” That one starred Woody Harrelson as a drunken coach who trains a group of disabled young adults in… Read More ›


A funny, good-hearted comedy that loves these disabled basketball players. I’ve had my concerns with how “Champions” would play out. Would it offend people of intellectual disabilities? Or would it teach some people a thing or two? The answer is… Read More ›

Creed III

Michael B. Jordan gets back in the ring as the star and first time director. Just as I thought 2023 would be a bad year for threequels, coming on the heels of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” and “Ant-Man and the… Read More ›

80 for Brady

Respect these elders who love football. It would be inevitable that the older folks would go see “80 for Brady,” because it’s led by some our best actresses-Jane Fonda, Rita Morena, Lily Tomlin, and Sally Field-and it’s a sports comedy… Read More ›


The spirits are inside these future basketball stars born from a family migration. This month, Netflix gave us the sports drama “Hustle,” which had Adam Sandler as a talent scout trying to get a Spanish man in the NBA, unless… Read More ›


The Adam Sandler sports film that shoots some hoops. When you begin to watch “Hustle,” you see Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production logo, and you’re thinking you’re in trouble. But as you continue watching it, you’re relieved. It’s neither at… Read More ›

The Survivor

Ben Foster gives a knockout performance as a boxer in the Holocaust. I didn’t know Auschwitz had boxing, considering all the horrific tortures. I didn’t even learn about it in school. “The Survivor,” which makes its premiere on HBO, taught… Read More ›

American Underdog

This religious sports biopic keeps dropping the ball. I was skeptical about the sports biopic “American Underdog,” which focuses on Kurt Warner, who is considered to be, by attribute, the greatest undrafted NFL player. It’s also a Christian drama, directed… Read More ›

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