Next Goal Wins

It keeps kicking and dreaming of being a better movie. Taika Waititi’s latest film “Next Goal Win” is based on the American Samoa national team, who have been labeled the worst soccer team in the world. This team has lost… Read More ›


Annette Bening gets her laps in as the swimmer who refused to give up. “Nyad” is the true story of how swimmer Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank. She tried… Read More ›


It shares its love for gay themes and lucha libre. This month, I’ve seen two films about Mexican legends, who have their own dreams to accomplish. “A Million Miles Away” starred Michael Pena as the first Mexican-American astronaut Jose Hernandez,… Read More ›

The Hill

This good-hearted baseball drama makes some home-runs, even if this kid shouldn’t run. “The Hill” isn’t a perfect baseball movie, because it has its rules, especially if it’s in a faith-based genre. The rules regard how certain things have to… Read More ›

Black Ice

These players want to kick some ice against racism, and we support them. “Black Ice” is a documentary set in Canada and focusing on black hockey players, who have suffered through discrimination. It talks about how these dedicated players saw… Read More ›

Shooting Stars

This made-for-Peacock movie shoots some hoops. “Shooting Stars” is a pretty good take on how LeBron James began his early career as a basketball star. But this small biopic, released on Peacock, isn’t just about him; but also his teammates… Read More ›

White Men Can’t Jump

Slam dunks and technical fowls collide in this reboot. The 1992 “White Men Can’t Jump” is one of the most stylish and smartest basketball comedies with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as two players and hustlers, who both know how… Read More ›

It Ain’t Over

A home run of a baseball doc. Yogi Berra was the baseball player, who was ridiculed for having a cartoonish appearance with his face and height (5’7), that he field name inspired the Hanna-Barbara cartoon “Yogi Near.” Of course, they… Read More ›

Chang Can Dunk

This Disney+ movie shoots some hoop dreams “Chang Can Dunk” is another entertaining underdog basketball movie to come out this weekend, after “Champions.” That one starred Woody Harrelson as a drunken coach who trains a group of disabled young adults… Read More ›


A funny, good-hearted comedy that loves these disabled basketball players. I’ve had my concerns with how “Champions” would play out. Would it offend people of intellectual disabilities? Or would it teach some people a thing or two? The answer is… Read More ›

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