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The Catcher Was a Spy

June 20, 2018

For a movie to combine baseball with World War II, “The Catcher Was a Spy” doesn’t really seem to make a home run. It has a dry complexion that upstages the premise and characters. I was, however, interested in the main character Moe Berg (1902-1972), a baseball catcher, who gets a job working for the… Read More ›

12 Strong

An unorthodox thing happened to me while I was watching “12 Strong.” I had a stomach ache, and I had to use the bathroom, so I missed a few parts of it. But what am I missing? A few explosions, bullets, and banters between Americans and foreigners-generic stuff. The movie focuses on the soldiers who… Read More ›

Darkest Hour

Don’t see “Darkest Hour” for its story. See it for Gary Oldman’s remarkable performance as Winston Churchill. Did I say “remarkable?” I meant Oscar-Worthy. With the right make-up, clothing, and dialogue, he is sure to make everyone’s jaws drop or laugh (depending on his attitude and words). One of the most iconic figures in British… Read More ›

Thank You For Your Service

Just last week, Miles Teller starred in the heroic drama “Only the Brave,” which apparently didn’t perform well at the box office. It was beaten by crappy films like “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” and “Geostorm,” both of which I’ve skipped. I honestly thought that with an all-star cast, and a true story about the… Read More ›


Christopher Nolan has proven to be one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema. “Memento,” the “Dark Knight” trilogy, “Inception,” and “Interstellar” are my favorites from him. His latest entry, “Dunkirk,” is not only one of his best films, but it’s also the best film I’ve seen so far this year. It’s World… Read More ›

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