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The Beguiled


Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

I took my mother to see “The Beguilled” in New York. Although the movie was slow at times, we both liked it for its acting and scenery. It was filmed in Louisiana, and the scope matches its lovely location. It’s a nice gaze.

The acting is sublime. It features Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Dunst, Elle Fanning, and some nice child actors like Oona Laurence, Angourie Rice, Addison Riecke, and Emma Howard. Once I tell you the premise, you’ll know why I enjoyed them.

The story is set during the American Civil War at a girls’ school, run by Miss Martha (Kidman) and aided by Edwina (Dunst). One of the students, Amy (Laurence), finds the wounded soldier Corporal McBurney (Farrell) in the woods, and she brings him to the school, where his inured leg is being treated.

Miss Martha does not intend to pleasure him, although he does fall for Edwina. As his leg begins to heel, the girls start to grow attached to him, and he declares his love for Edwina. That is until, he cheats on her with another student Alicia (Fanning), forcing Edwina to inadvertently push him down the stairs, and Miss Martha having to amputate his leg. Ever since, all Hell breaks loose.

Directed by Sofia Coppola and based on both Thomas Cullinan’s novel and Albert Maltz and Irene Kamp’s screenplay, “The Beguilled” could have picked up the pace with its character development and narrative a bit. But on a positive note, it works well with its acting and scenery. Farrell explodes, Kidman and Dunst both ignite, and Laurence continues to prove she’s a fine young actress. This is a quiet film with some nice taste.


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