The Worst Films of 2020

The ten losers I saw in theaters or online in 2020.

Because of this COVID-19 outbreak, there were big movies either going online or being pushed back to next year. But there were still enough bombs to fill a landslide. Some of them were released theaters and some were released on Netflix. It’s difficult to comprehend what the studios, actors, and filmmakers were all thinking when they created these bombs.

10.) “Scoob”

This was marginally better than the live action “Scooby Doo” movies, but it sells itself short in its attempt for the Hanna Barbara universe to channel on their own “Avengers” movie. Besides its generic animation and lame jokes, it also has to serve as a reboot, which means the Mystery Inc. gang has to be redesigned. I prefer Scooby and Shaggy over the other three members, especially Daphne, who looks like a lame version of Anna from “Frozen.” This was the only crappy animated film I saw this year.

9.) “The Hunt”

This political satire was supposed to be scrapped from release, because of some recent shootings, but was able to see the light of day, right before the theaters were closing. It’s a pointless and aimless thriller about liberals killing people for sport. I enjoy movies like “The Purge” and “Ready Or Not,” because they have stories and ideas; this one just shoots to kill.

8.) “The Wrong Missy”

This made-for-Netflix romcom follows the same old formula about two mismatched characters falling for each other in the end. Only this time, David Spade has sent a text message to the wrong girl, and ends up dealing with her crazed and boozed-minded behavior. Lauren Lapkis is his date, and believe me, she was not at all funny in this mess of a picture.

7.) “Downhill”

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are two of the best comedy talents in the entertainment industry, but this remake of “Force Majeure” is a whiny and dismal experience. Despite the fact that it was directed by the talented duo Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, the movie doesn’t break tradition, and refuses to have the husband apologize for leaving his family when a small avalanche sprays them during lunch. While the performances are good; the movie gives you frostbite.

6.) “Capone”

The final years of Al Capone are portrayed so dismally and so smelly, that’s it’s impossible to comprehend what’s going on. Tom Hardy is easily wasted, especially when he craps his pants, and the once successful director Josh Trank fails the dramatization on so many levels. 

5.) “Bloodshot”

I’m told that Vin Diesel made this movie, because his son loves the comic books. That’s very nice of him, but the movie was boring as Hell with difficult narrating, too much action, and less interesting characters. The actor has made some good movies in the past, but this is not one of them.

4.) “Like a Boss”

This was one of the most sexist and degrading chick flicks I’ve ever seen since “The Other Woman.” It starred Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne as two dimwitted BFFs, who find themselves under the manipulations of Salma Hayek, whose fame and large breasts make her the butt of the joke. I almost wish “Wild Wild West 2” was made.

3.) “Hubie Halloween”

Adam Sander did jokingly warn us if he didn’t get an Oscar nomination for “Uncut Gems,” he would deliberately make a bad movie, and here we are. In his latest comedy bomb, he uses an annoying Canadian accent version of his “Waterboy” and Canteen Boy characters, and traps himself in a lame Halloween premise that sounds like something out of those “Madea Halloween” movies. He’s made some funny movies in the past, but lately, his work (“Grown Ups 2,” “Blended,” etc.) has been desperate, incredibly stupid, and labored. And BTW, his Happy Madison production company also made “The Wrong Missy.” So I guess it probably wouldn’t make a difference if he got nominated or not.

2.) “Coffee & Kareem”

This is a horrible “Cop & A Half” ripoff (released on Netflix) about despicable people doing and saying terrible things for big laughs. Ed Helms is a loser cop, Taraji P. Henson is his loudmouth girlfriend, Terrence Little Gardenhigh is her fowl-mouthed brat, Betty Gilpin is a dirty cop, and David Alan Grier is Police Chief Walter Hill (ho hum!). This tries and fails to channel on the “South Park” and “Good Boys” worlds, and the results are just plain ugly.

If you ask me, I think the characters in “Coffee & Kareem” and “The Wrong Missy” should have been the victims of “The Hunt.”

1.) “Dolittle”

Robert Downey, Jr. is one of my favorite actors, but how could he sink so low playing the man who can talk to animals in this dog of a picture? This cost $175 million, but the animal special effects, the performances, voice acting (with Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, etc.), jokes, and script all have the makings of a made-for-TV movie. And one scene in particular that hits a new low in bad taste is when a dragon farts in Downey, Jr.’s face. The Eddie Murphy version is my all-time favorite, while this is a complete dead zone. 

Dishonorable Mentions:

“Holidate,” “Fatal Affair,” “Unhinged,” “The New Mutants,” “The Buddy Games,” “Songbird,” “The Witches,” “Ava,” “Becky,” “Artemis Fowl,” “The Call of the Wild,” “Love Wedding Repeat,” “The Informer,” “Honest Thief,” “A Rainy Day in New York,” “Coastal Elites,” “Inheritance,” “The Roads Not Taken,” “The Burnt Orange Heresy,” “The Jesus Rolls,” “Seberg,” “Underwater”

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