See How They Run, Confess Fletch, Don’t Worry Darling, Blonde, and Bandit Video Review

CJ’s video reviews star Sam Rockwell, Jon Hamm, Florence Pugh, Ana de Armas, and Josh Duhamel.

This week’s video reviews consist of the whodunit comedy “See How They Run” with Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, the investigative journalism comedy “Confess, Fletch” with Jon Hamm and Marcia Gay Harden, Olivia Wilde’s second directorial feature “Don’t Worry Darling” with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, the Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” with Ana de Armas and Bobby Cannavale, and the crime drama “Bandit” with Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson.

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