Mission: Impossible, The Out-Laws, Miracle Club, and Black Ice Video Reviews

CJ’s videos feature spies, bank robbers, friends, and hockey players.

This week’s video reviews consist of the action sequel “Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part 1” with Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames, the action comedy “The Out-Laws” with Adam Devine and Pierce Brosnan, the Irish comedy “The Miracle Club” with Laura Linney and Maggie Smith,” and the hockey documentary “Black Ice.”

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  1. Good morning to you CJ just watched your video on the three movies and man oh man you don’t like the outlaws or the miracle club. I’ve never been a Tom Cruise fan in Mission impossible although I did like top gun Maverick. I may still see the miracle club because I like the three women in it and black ice. Is it playing in regular movie, theaters or on Netflix? Keep on doing what you’re doing and how do you get the clips for your YouTube video to get them from trailers of the movie or a special app? Just wondering it’s brilliant work and I know it takes time to put together.

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