The Exorcist Believer, Henry Sugar, Reptile, She Came to Me, and Kill Room Podcast Reviews

CJ reviews movies with demons, gurus, detectives, composers, and murderous artists on the air.

I’ve joined a radio station known as NewHD, which will not only hire people on the Autism spectrum, but will also have me doing podcast movie reviews for them. This week, I review the horror sequel “The Exorcist Believer” with Leslie Odom, Jr. and Ellen Burstyn, Wes Anderson’s short film “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” with Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Fiennes, the murder mystery “Reptile” with Benicio Del Toro and Justin Timberlake, the romantic comedy (if we can call it that) “She Came to Me” with Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei, and the crime caper “The Kill Room” with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

“The Exorcist Believer”

“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”


“She Came to Me”

“The Kill Room”

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