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  • The Lego Ninjago Movie

    With all these “Lego” movies, I think it’s pretty obvious why I didn’t review “The Emoji Movie.” Because these films live in the world of Legos, and not CGI garbage. This year, we had the entertaining Batman spoof “The Lego… Read More ›

  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    It would be generic for me to deliver to you the aspects of sequels-wanted or unwanted-so, I’m not gonna say it. I never wanted a sequel to “Horrible Bosses,” “Neighbors,” or “Daddy’s Home.” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” however, is one… Read More ›

  • Battle of the Sexes

    Looks like we have a reunion for Steve Carell and directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the three behind my favorite movie of 2006: “Little Miss Sunshine.” That movie is the reason why I became a film critic, and for… Read More ›

  • Stronger

    Last year, we were given “Patriots Day,” the riveting drama about the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. That movie made my best films of the year list, although it’s wasn’t the hit it should have been. This year, we are… Read More ›

  • American Assassin

    I just found out that Cinemascore awarded “mother!” an “F” rating, so I guess I’m not the only jerk to give it a mixed review. The same website awarded “American Assassin” a “B+,” but I didn’t know think it was… Read More ›

  • Brad’s Status

    Why can’t most comedies these days have a sweet touch like “The Big Sick,” an Indie hit, or “Brad’s Status,” the new Indie comedy? Both these films are released by Amazon Studios, and both of them don’t rely on assholes… Read More ›

  • mother!

    I saw “mother!” at special premiere at Radio City Music Hall, marking the first time I’ve been there (shocking you may think). Getting inside was crazy: lines, security, criticism (no outside food/beverages and feet off the seat). I was left… Read More ›

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

    Unlike “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” has a better look and a more clear script. Kristie Alley (“Cheers”) made her film debut as Saavik, the latest commander of the USS Enterprise. The special effects… Read More ›

  • Home Again

    “Home Again” has its heart in the right place with a “Full House” type story of three young guys helping a single woman raise her two girls. This is a rom com, but a typical one with your standard cliches… Read More ›

  • It

    “You’ll float too,” when you read my review of “It.” I’ve never watched the full mini-series of “It,” based on Stephen King’s novel, but I have checked out the scenes with Tim Curry as Pennywise the demon clown, and thought… Read More ›

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