Hanna-Barbara favorites get new jobs, new genders, and new animation.

I did a video chat with Dana Snyder who does the voice of Snagglepuss, Touche Turtle, Lambsy, Caveman, Jr., and Tinker on HBO Max’s new animated series “Jellystone,” and I told him I would review that show. I told him I’d rate it 3 stars, and he thinks that would be a C+, but the way I review movies on a scale of 0-4, I’d put it a grade higher. I’m a reasonable film critic, because even though safety jokes by Doggy Daddy are a bit overwhelming, it really does take its chances in entertaining both kids and adults.

The series’ developer C.H. Greenblatt, who also created “Chowder,” and worked on “SpongeBob SquarePants,” among other animated projects, gives the Hanna Barbara characters a personality check, and some of them have bene gender swapped. The reason is because the Hanna-Barbara universe never had much female characters to stand on their own, and ergo, Jabberjaw, Loopy De Loop, Angie Doggie, and Squiddly Diddly, among others, are the ones to become female, while Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Cindy Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Huckleberry Hound, Top Cat, and Magilla Gorilla are the ones to keep their original genders.

Of course, there have been other shows to combine these characters like “Yogi’s Treasure Hunt” and “Yo Yogi,” and they’re drawn and animated in a lighter, less detailed complexion. Their town has them with various occupations. Yogi (voiced by Jeff Bergman), Boo Boo (voiced by Greenblatt), and Cindy (voiced by Grace Helbig) are doctors, Huckleberry Hound (voiced by Jim Conroy) is the mayor, Magilla Gorilla (voiced by Paul F. Thompkins, sounding like Al Roker) runs a clothing store, Doggie Daddy (voiced by Greenblatt) is the overprotective psycho,Top Cat (voiced by Thomas Lennon) is still up to his old tricks, and the Banana Splits are now a gang of criminals (not murderers).

Already ten episodes are in, and I think it has potential, some good laughs, and a lot of versatility. Again, the Doggie Daddy jokes get exhausting in the first half, but they cut back on the overprotectiveness in the second. The voice actors sound like they’re having fun voicing their characters, while giving them similar and different spins. It’s an early start, but I found myself enjoy it for its iconic attitude (we get cameos from the Hair Bear Bunch, Clue Club, and others I either have or haven’t heard of before). Even for its small production value, I’ve enjoyed this more than the recent Hanna-Barbara films (“Scoob,” “Smurfs: The Lost Village,” etc.), and I really appreciate Cindy Bear getting a bigger role on the new show.

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Streaming on HBO Max.

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