If you don’t swat this fly, you’ll get a real kick out of it. Mandibles” is a French comedy that’s obviously inspired by The Farrelly Brothers. One of the elements from those comedy geniuses is how animals are used for… Read More ›

How It Ends

A sweet and humorous (if not exceptional) doomsday comedy. I’m terrified about the world ending, as much as you are. As I share this review of “How It Ends,” I will not be accepting any comments like “You know it’ll… Read More ›

Monsters at Work

The Monsters Inc. series fans have been craving for. The original “Monsters Inc.” from 20 years ago, created by Pete Docter, was a Pixar classic with some of the most whimsical characters-particularly Mike and Sulley-and some of the best animation… Read More ›


An infamous Twitter Tweet makes its big screen debut with sex and comedy. Imagine if “Magic Mike” was an independent film that lasted for less than 90 minutes, had a feminine approach, and made Twitter Tweets in almost every scene…. Read More ›


Kevin has the Hart to be serious and funny as a father raising a little girl. Kevin Hart tried to take on a more serious role in “The Upside,” the Hollywood remake of “The Intouchables.” He was fine in that… Read More ›


Pixar’s latest is fun beyond the sea and land. Take the sex out of “Call Me By Your Name,” the violence out of “The Shape of Water,” the singing out of “The Little Mermaid,” and take the romance out of… Read More ›

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