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The Upside

January 11, 2019

It’s refreshing to see Kevin Hart take a different approach to his film career, instead of just doing the wacky “Ride Along” gimmicks, and “The Upside” is that type of movie. Especially when his chemistry with Bryan Cranston keeps things in check. “But……” is what you’re saying. But the movie isn’t better than the original…. Read More ›

Stan & Ollie

The latest portrayal about the greatest comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, deserves to have the title: “Stan & Ollie.” It’s made for people who admired them, and for people who want to learn about them, depending on what generation they live in. And you also have some fantastic work from Steve Coogan as Stan Laurel,… Read More ›


I’m trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare where negative comments about politics can cost people their jobs and reputations. As much as I dislike the direction our country has always been heading into, I can’t risk my reputation. But I can tell you one thing: the mid-credit scene in Adam McKay’s “Vice” did satisfy me. I’m… Read More ›

Welcome to Marwen

“Welcome to Marwen,” the latest entry from director Robert Zemeckis, has its heart in the right place about a man struggling to regain the human elements of his life, with the help of his dolls. But somehow, the movie never really gives us a certain illusion in the magical style of “Forrest Gump.” It’s treated… Read More ›

Mary Poppins Returns

You have to be a complete imbecile to never have seen the Disney classic Mary Poppins. The things I loved about that movie are the musical numbers and eccentric characters that make you all giddy; Dick Van Dyke using a fun British accent as Bert the chimney sweep; but most of all, Julie Andrews’ extraordinary… Read More ›

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