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Category: comedy

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Love, Simon

“Love, Simon” is probably the first teen love story to bring tears to my eyes. It’s no Nicholas Spark cliche piece of crap or romances between monsters and humans; it’s […]

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After watching annoying performances from an A-list cast in “A Wrinkle in Time,” I’ve found some much better performances in “Gringo,” a comedy with drug cartels, pharmaceutical companies, and a […]

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Game Night

There’s a saying: “You’re smarter than you look,” and that was my reaction towards “Game Night.” I was on the fence with the trailers, especially with how it’s difficult finding […]

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The Party

Running for 71 minutes, “The Party” plays like a 1940s comedy made for the modern era. It’s shot in black and white, it has wonderful acting, dramatic situations, and clean […]

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Early Man

I’m not sure how American movie goers will fare with “Early Man,” the next stop motion feature from the genius Aardman company that gave us “Wallace & Gromit.” Obviously, it’s […]

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“Permission” makes up for some of the worst sex movies I’ve seen in years, like “Sex Tape” or “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It can’t guarantee you a happy ending, because […]

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Groundhog Day

Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy “Groundhog Day” is a hilarious one. A sweet and lovable hit that repeats itself with the right intentions. Bill Murray stars as a Pittsburgh weatherman named […]

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Here’s the gist: Norwegian scientists have found a way the prevent overpopulation: shrink people. The bad news is it’s irreversible, and if the doctors forget to remove teeth caps, your […]