Mr. Malcolm’s List

A diverse period piece with a delightful vibe. After the success of the diverse casting in such period entertainments as the movie “The Personal History of David Copperfield,” the play “Hamilton,” and the hit show “Bridgerton,” we have another movie… Read More ›

The Man from Toronto

A run-of-the-mill hitman comedy that runs out of ideas. Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson both could have been funny in “The Man from Toronto,” a would-be action comedy on Netflix about a case of mistaken identity regarding a screw-up and… Read More ›

Father of the Bride

Say “Yes” to this Latino-American version. Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan are the latest leads in this third film version of “Father of the Bride,” after Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett in 1950 and Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in… Read More ›

Brian & Charles

A sly and dry robot mockumentary. In a way, “Brian & Charles” feels like a live-action “Wallace & Gromit” movie, but instead of a dog as the mute, but faithful sidekick, Brian has a robot who can talk and loves… Read More ›

Official Competition

A great Amodovar movie NOT made by him. “Official Competition” may have Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas as the leads, but it’s neither made by Pedro Almodovar nor is it released by Sony Pictures Classics. It’s actually made by Mariano… Read More ›

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