You Hurt My Feelings

You don’t need marriage counseling to read these people. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her “Enough Said” director Nicole Holofcener both make another worthy collaboration in “You Hurt My Feelings,” a dramedy that knows how to be funny without trying so hard… Read More ›

White Men Can’t Jump

Slam dunks and technical fowls collide in this reboot. The 1992 “White Men Can’t Jump” is one of the most stylish and smartest basketball comedies with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as two players and hustlers, who both know how… Read More ›

Fool’s Paradise

What the Hell were you thinking Day? Charlie Day is one of my favorite comic talents, but his directorial debut of “Fool’s Paradise” is one of the stupidest and pointless comedies I have ever seen. It’s one that wants to… Read More ›


A movie you should text and talk about. “BlackBerry” is another brutally funny and consistently entertaining biopic about an idea that transcended from cynicism to success after Ben Affleck’s “Air.” That was about Nike’s deal with Michael Jordan; this one… Read More ›

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

This romcom can’t arrange any freshness. While India and Pakistan still have their ongoing conflicts, Working Title has released two English films with their respective themes. There was “Polite Society,” which loves Indian culture and strong women, and now, there… Read More ›

Polite Society

Never underestimate this fighting dreamer. “Polite Society” is a British-Indian action comedy that doesn’t succumb to traditional cliches, but rather allow these women to be smart and versatile. I mean no disrespect to any culture; I’m saying we should see… Read More ›

Somewhere in Queens

Ray Romano knows how to act and direct. From “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “Ice Age” to NBC’s “Parenthood” to “The Big Sick” to “The Irishman,” Ray Romano sure has made a name for himself, and he continues his originality with… Read More ›

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