After 20 years, it still spreads Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear. Before you brats indulged yourselves with “Daddy’s Home” and before you dancers had a ball with “Spirited,” I was introduced to Will Ferrell’s comedy talents… Read More ›

The Persian Version

This cute Iranian-American comedy gets deported by its many plot elements. “The Persian Version” has the right to represent its Iranian culture to an American audience, especially when it’s narrative and young heroine explain how their values work. It chooses… Read More ›

Quiz Lady

Awkwafina and Sandra Oh both try make it to the final round. The new made-for-Hulu comedy “Quiz Lady” has its qualities and difficulties, ones we’ve seen done before and probably will see again. It’s all in the execution. I’ve seen… Read More ›

The Holdovers

A sincere and funny “Sideways” reunion that’s more than meets the eye. Less than 20 years after collaborating on one of the most original and delicious comedies “Sideways,” director Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti are back together for “The Holdovers.”… Read More ›

Old Dads

Bill Burr’s latest comedy is too old to be funny. Bill Burr makes his directorial debut of “Old Dads,” a would-be made-for-Netflix comedy that’s good on his words than it is on its comedy. That means it expresses its issues… Read More ›

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