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I take advice from other critics and people about certain movies, and my sister recommended I check out a Netflix comedy called “Dumplin’.” She thought Jennifer Aniston was hilarious, and so, I decided to check it out. It actually has its heart in the right place about overweight people and how they want to prove… Read More ›

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

For years, I’ve been complaining that Sony Pictures Animation doesn’t offer anything inspiring in its animation or creativity. They couldn’t make “The Angry Birds Movie” in the style of “The LEGO Movie,” and “The Emoji Movie” took home the Razzie for Worst Picture. And the animation in “Hotel Transylvania 2” looked so generic, I ended… Read More ›

Green Book

The relationship between an African-American piano player and an Italian-American driver in 1962 makes “Green Book” a funny and heartwarming film. Director Peter Farrelly (best known as one of the Farrelly Brothers) takes a different approach by introducing us to real-life characters portrayed by actors who deserve Oscar nominations. And those two would happen to… Read More ›

Ralph Breaks the Internet

I’M GONNA WRECK IT!!!!!! and give it a good review. I attended an NYICFF screening of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” and I needed to make sure there weren’t that many glitches. There are a few, but we’ll get to that later. It’s the 6-year-old sequel to the 2012 Disney animated hit “Wreck-it Ralph,” and I… Read More ›

The Grinch

We all love Dr Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and its message about the true meaning of Christmas. So, you probably don’t need to worry about any spoil alerts. It’s a holiday tradition that never gets old. At this point, three versions of “The Grinch” have been made. The first was a Chuck Jones… Read More ›

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