It’s a Wonderful Binge

This coked-up sequel isn’t how you spend the holidays. Why would “The Binge” require a holiday themed sequel? Because if “National Lampoon’s Vacation” got “Christmas Vacation,” and “Harold & Kumar” got “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,” and “Bad Moms”… Read More ›

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert: this movie isn’t perfect, but it is heartwarming. Not even my positive feedback for “Bros” could give it a financial boost at the box office, and it’s a shame most of you missed out on it, because it… Read More ›

Violent Night

Up on the housetop like John Wick, down came the chimney with Die Hard St. Nick. I skip such horror films like “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” and “The Mean One,” because they seem to be in a category… Read More ›

White Noise

Let’s see how Baumbach, Driver, and Gerwig handle their fears of death. Noah Baumbach reunites with his fellow stars Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig for “White Noise,” a movie with various genres that rarely meet. It’s a horror movie, it’s… Read More ›

Strange World

Dazzling colors and so many themes make Disney’s latest a fun ride. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid both collaborate as a son and father for the first time since “The Day After Tomorrow” in “Strange World,” the new Disney animated… Read More ›


A nice little welcome home party for our Andalasia heroine. It’s inevitable Giselle, the young heroine of “Enchanted,” would want her live-action life to have the same kind of fairy tale magic as her animated kingdom of Andalasia. She’s learned… Read More ›


Ferrell and Reynolds both feel the holiday sprit in this fun musical comedy. The story of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” has been transcending in various versions on TV and in theaters. You know the story. The rich and grumpy… Read More ›

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