Dumb Money

A fun view of the stock market during the COVID-19 pandemic. After my viewing of “Dumb Money,” I was getting into a conversation with a young woman about how congress and Wall Street can play a pretty messed up game…. Read More ›

The Inventor

A charming stop-motion caricature of the Renaissance Man. Leonardo da Vinci has been known as the “Renaissance Man,” an engineer with drawings and ideas of brilliant inventions and strong curiosity that gave him a name in the history books. He’s… Read More ›

El Conde

This vampire satire drinks some fresh blood. “El Conde” is the third vampire movie I have seen this year, after the charming “Renfield” and the boring “Last Voyage of the Demeter.” I’ve seen vampires in the forms of Tom Cruise… Read More ›


Let hilarity and heart kick some ass! As I’m watching “Bottoms,” I assume it must take place in a world where everyone acts like a cartoon character or a sitcom character or an adult cartoon character or if they’re inside… Read More ›

American Grafitti

It’s time to celebrate a 70s classic turning 50. Before “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones,” there was “American Graffiti,” a coming-of-age comedy from director George Lucas, and producer Francis Ford Coppola. In this article, I celebrate its 50th anniversary, by… Read More ›

Vacation Friends 2

A worthless sequel that deserves to have its flight cancelled. The 2021 made-for-Hulu comedy “Vacation Friends” was a big hit, especially with its two leads Lil Rel Howery and John Cena. I didn’t care about that film, and now that… Read More ›

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