Meet Cute

Time Traveling romcom kills too many butterflies. I’ve dealt with two fantasy comedies this year where something magical happens to a woman who goes into a tanning bed. In “Mack & Rita,” Elizabeth Lail transforms into her older self played… Read More ›

Confess, Fletch

Jon Hamm delivers as the charming and mischievous detective. I’ve watched the original “Fletch” comedy from 1985 with Chevy Chase, and he was funny and entertaining in that role. I didn’t hear good things about its sequel, so I’m going… Read More ›

See How They Run

A goofy and deadpan (if not brilliant) Agatha Christie spoof. In “See How They Run,” Sam Rockwell stars as the weary Inspector Stoppard, who is sent into action to investigate the murder of a blacklisted filmmaker named Leo Kopernick (Adrien… Read More ›

Clerks III

Kevin Smith goes back to his roots in hilarious and heartbreaking ways. I’ve met Kevin Smith twice in my life, and his original “Clerks” stars “Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, and Jason Mewes, and I’ve told each of them that their… Read More ›

Pinocchio (Disney+)

Yet another unnecessary live-action Disney remake. There have been many attempts to top the original 1940 Disney animated classic “Pinocchio,” which was taken from Carlo Collodi’s story, and many have tried and failed. There was “The Adventures of Pinocchio” with… Read More ›

The Good Boss

It’s mostly balanced on this not so good boss. I knew what to expect when watching the Spanish dark comedy “The Good Boss.” The poster tried to cross out the word “Good,” so I knew this boss would be trouble…. Read More ›

Me Time

A comedy bomb that’s gross and mean as expected. In the new made-for-Netflix comedy “Me Time,” Kevin Hart gives an injured turtle mouth-to-mouth resuscitation through its nose, and pulls out a line of turtle snot. The minute he does that,… Read More ›

Look Both Ways

One side is better than the other. Here’s the concept of Netflix’s new romcom “Look Both Ways.” We meet Natalie (Lili Reinhart from “Hustlers”), who is on the verge of graduating from the University of Austin, and has big dreams… Read More ›

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