The Happytime Murders

I have a motto that everyone should heed, and I believe that saying is “Don’t be a d*ck.” “The Happytime Murders” is a mean-spirited, ugly, cliche-filled, lazy, and lousy comedy that thinks just because a puppet smokes, drops F-bombs, and… Read More ›

The Equalizer 2

Certain non-Marvel action movies give us ambitious sequels, whether they’re good, great, mediocre, or bad. Some like “London Has Fallen” or “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” ruin the enjoyment of the first, while others like “Deadpool 2” or “John Wick: Chapter… Read More ›

The First Purge

As much as the last “Purge” movie (“Election Year”) sucked, we all know how it ends. The annual event, in which all crime, including murder, is legal, has come to an end, and it should have ceased in becoming a… Read More ›


What “Superfly” succeeds is showing us the unholy portrayal of crime in the streets of Atlanta, and the performances that brings it to life. Some of the characters have crucifix tattoos, while others have guns, sexy women, and rap music… Read More ›

Hotel Artemis

“Hotel Artemis” is a crime film that offers some good ideas, but never seems to deliver. This is one of those “Who Cares” type movies, where you love the designs, but you don’t care about anything else. It takes place… Read More ›

Ocean’s 8

The 2001 “Ocean’s Eleven,” Steven Soderbergh’s remake of the 1960 Rat Pack crime caper, was one of the best crime capers I’ve ever seen. Then its sequel “Twelve” had some memorable moments like Julia Roberts as Tess playing Julia Roberts…. Read More ›

Ocean’s 11 vs. Ocean’s Eleven

With the female-spin-off of the popular Steven Soderbergh crime series “Ocean’s 8” approaching soon, I’d like to share with you my perspectives of the original “Ocean’s 11” and the original “Ocean’s Eleven.” Notice the difference. “Ocean’s 11” (1960) This 1960… Read More ›


After watching annoying performances from an A-list cast in “A Wrinkle in Time,” I’ve found some much better performances in “Gringo,” a comedy with drug cartels, pharmaceutical companies, and a down-on-his-luck businessman caught between them. That concept could work if… Read More ›

Death Wish

Remakes are always debatable, especially since some like “The Jungle Book” work or others like “Ghostbusters” flop. And “Death Wish, director Eli Roth’s remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson movie, only works when the hero becomes a vigilante, and flops… Read More ›

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