Some kids are able to relate to the Day of the Dead tradition based on the shows they watch and the lessons they learn in their Spanish classes. In 2014, “The Book of Life” animated that tradition, and that was… Read More ›


With an uplifting story about a little boy with a deformed face struggling to fit in, it’s no wonder why people should see “Wonder.” It’s a nice movie filled with nice people. Not everyone is nice, but still. Based on… Read More ›


Director Todd Haynes’s latest Indie “Wonderstruck” is an interesting splice between a coming-of-age story and a silent movie. Based on the book by Brian Selznick, who also wrote the screenplay, the movie brings those qualities altogether. The coming-of-age story has… Read More ›


I’m not too familiar with President Lyndon B. Johnson, so I can’t talk about my opinion of him, the way I pray Donald Trump will be impeached. But what I can say is that Woody Harrelson does a fabulous job… Read More ›

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