Shot from the point of view of computers and smartphones, “Searching” plays like a Hitchcock thriller with its timing, precision, and secrets. Written and directed by short film director Aneesh Chaganty, the movie keeps you glued from beginning to end…. Read More ›

The Little Stranger

Some of the best horror movies these days come from overseas, because they don’t rely on jump-scares or idiotic characters for box office dough. Examples include “The Babadook” and “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night;” and both of them… Read More ›

Operation Finale

I wasn’t expecting much out of “Operation Finale,” a post WWII drama about the arrest and persecution of one of the Holocaust masterminds Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962). But as I sat down watching it, I was interested, not just the biography,… Read More ›

Juliet, Naked

There’s a side of me that liked “Juliet, Naked,” and another that felt it doesn’t deliver. I was looking more into the acting from Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke, and Chris O’Dowd, and it’s sentimental tone. But looking at it, I… Read More ›

The Wife

While I was expecting more out of the would-be rom com “Juliet, Naked,” I found another female-led Indie based on a book that is more invigorating and more profound. “The Wife” is the name, and in it, we’ve got a… Read More ›

Do the Right Thing

In honor of Spike Lee’s next feature “BlacKkKlansman” now in theaters, here’s my review of his 1989 film “Do the Right Thing.” From 1989, Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” is a ode to the relationship of African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics,… Read More ›


Spike Lee’s next joint, “BlacKkKlansman,” is a gripping and comical representation on race wars in the 1970s and even some of the ones we still face today. It’s unbelievable in the ways it admits that whatever you’re gonna read in… Read More ›


Watching “Puzzle” gives you a sentimental and emotional feeling. It’s given a main heroine who feels unhappy and wants to better herself; and Kelly MacDonald plays her with a certain kind of tenderness and guts that makes you feel good…. Read More ›

Malcolm X

In honor of Spike Lee’s next feature “BlacKkKlansman” approaching into theaters soon, here’s my review of his 1992 film “Malcolm X.” It’s not often these days we get biographies that take their time to get to know the real-life characters… Read More ›

Christopher Robin

For my two honey pots, I actually enjoyed “Christopher Robin” more than “Goodbye Christopher Robin” from last year. Mainly because we see the grown-up Christopher Robin and his reunion with his stuffed animal friends from Winnie the Pooh to Tigger… Read More ›

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