This ain’t your ordinary Beauty and the Beast tale. “Belle” is a Japanese anime feature that plays like a “Matrix” version of “Beauty and the Beast.” The virtual reality world is known as “U,” which allows users to be anyone… Read More ›


The meaning of family is determined in Disney’s colorful delight. Disney’s 60th animated feature “Encanto” is the studio’s fourth feature to have a Latin American spirit after “Saludos Amigos,” “The Three Caballeros,” and “The Emperor’s New Groove.” If you haven’t… Read More ›

Tick, Tick…Boom!

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andrew Garfield are a match made in Heaven. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut of the film version of the semi-autobiographical musical “Tick, Tick…Boom” explains that it’s based on a true story with parts made up by its main… Read More ›


Smart women and show-stopping songs make this updated version of the classic story fun. Yeah, yeah, we all know the story. Ella is treated like the maid by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, who call her Cinderella. Her fairy godmother… Read More ›


Hear Driver and Cotillard sing their quirky hearts out. “Annette,” a zany and often dazzling musical, stars Adam Driver as comedian Henry McHenry and Marion Cotillard as soprano Ann Desfranoux. On stage, he looks like he’s boxing with the robe… Read More ›


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s colorful animated musical learns to be flexible. Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the most fearless musical actors on stage and screen. From “Hamilton” to “In The Heights” to “Mary Poppins Returns,” he’s made a name for himself. Now,… Read More ›

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