Over the Moon

Glen Keane’s directorial debut levitates with colors and positive messages. I was expecting the new animated feature “Over the Moon” to be a kiddie feature, especially since its uses jokes about adult diapers and little brothers. It is a kiddie… Read More ›


The filmed recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway extravaganza is total joy! As you all know, movie theaters and Broadway theaters have temporarily been closed, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. But just in time for Independence Day, the hit Broadway sensation… Read More ›

Trolls: World Tour

This animated sequel removes its split ends, and makes a much better hairstyle. I don’t know what kind of good luck charm I have, because so far this year, sequels to movies I disliked have improved themselves quite considerably. I’m… Read More ›

Hello Dolly

Dolly Will Never Go Away Again, even when she turns 50. Gene Kelly’s 1969 adaptation of the broadway hit “Hello Dolly” is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and it’s time for me dish on it. At the time of its release,… Read More ›

The Lion King (2019)

The voices and visuals work, but this remake doesn’t laugh in the face of danger. I sympathize the opinion of Disney remakes being such cash grabs, and this year alone, “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King” have all received mixed… Read More ›


I take advice from other critics and people about certain movies, and my sister recommended I check out a Netflix comedy called “Dumplin’.” She thought Jennifer Aniston was hilarious, and so, I decided to check it out. It actually has… Read More ›


Underneath some of the typical animated movie cliches is a good-natured and flexible cartoon with such fun voices and an honest story. “Smallfoot” is released by the Warner Animation Group, best known for “The LEGO Movie,” and while it’s not… Read More ›

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