Not even Chris Rock can save this torture porn genre. Between 2004 and 2010, the “Saw” franchise has been a Halloween tradition with guilty people being tortured by a figure by the alias Jigsaw. In 2017, they made another one… Read More ›

The Water Man

David Oyelowo’s family feature is quite absorbing. David Oyelowo makes his feature directorial debut of “The Water Man,” which is an independent family film about fantasy and reality-a crucial combo for most delightful family features. The opening credits explain that… Read More ›

Boss Level

Frank Grillo repeats the goods in Hulu’s latest action flick. It would be repetitive for me to list the actors who have been in time warp movies (like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow,” Jessica… Read More ›

Saint Maud

This creepy, religious horror flick takes the righteous path. To example how beautifully filmed “Saint Maud” is, you need to be reminded of such horror films of its kind as “The Exorcist” or “Hereditary.” There are two scenes involving liquid… Read More ›

Come Play

An autistic child gets stalked by a storybook monster in emotional and scary horror flick. “Come Play” is the first horror movie with an autistic child as the main protagonist. I’ve seen movies about people on the spectrum, like “Rain… Read More ›

Rebecca (2020)

You’re better off seeing the Alfred Hitchcock version. Before I dished on the new film version of Daphne du Maurirer’s novel “Rebecca,” I had to see the 1940 one directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It featured electrifying performances from Joan Fontaine… Read More ›

Hubie Halloween

Yet another ghoulish comedy bomb for Adam Sandler Adam Sandler jokingly warned the media that if his performance in “Uncut Gems” doesn’t get any Oscar or Golden Globe nominations, he would deliberately make a horrible movie. I don’t think it… Read More ›


The latest movie battle on modern day racism is a cop out. Janelle Monae plays a slave named Eden, and a successful author, sociologist, and activist named Veronica Henley in “Antebellem,” the new psychological thriller from producer Sean McKittrick (“Us,”… Read More ›

You Should Have Left

It’s basically “The Shining” with shadows and confusing hallways. Movie theaters, including AMC and Regal, plan to reopen their doors next month, which is why we’ve been streaming movies online. I never watched the trailers for Blumhouse’s  latest horror mystery… Read More ›

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