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So far, once a month in 2017, a horror/thriller movie surprises you when you least expect it. In January, we had “Split,” which had James McAvoy showing off many personalities, and then in February, we had “Get Out,” which is making audience scared and tickled at the same time. Now, we have “Personal Shopper,” which is more invisible than those movies, but more mature than “Paranormal Activity” or “Ouija” on its own account.

I’m not sure whether or not more people will see it, because most of them have to rely on ads to save their asses, and because the star Kristen Stewart was unfaithful a few years ago. I’m really not sure whether or not people have forgotten about that, because I don’t hear much anymore, but I can tell you she is absolutely amazing in “Personal Shopper.”

Stewart plays Maureen, a young medium, who also serves as a supermodel’s (Nora von Waldstatten) personal shopper in Paris. She wants to get in contact with her deceased twin brother Lewis, who was also a medium. One day, she receives a text message from someone, who or may not be her brother, the texts say Maureen is being watched She is asked questions about her fears and ambitions, one of which is trying on her boss’ dresses, which is forbidden. And she has to watch an old French movie in order to figure out how to communicate with the dead. For example, one knock means “yes” and two knocks mean “no.”

I didn’t always eat up the scenes with Maureen talking with other mediums about the paranormal activity she is meant to see. I did get some of the dialogue, but those scenes are not as provoking as the text messages the main character deals with. That’s my only down point on the movie; the rest, however, is wise.

Stewart reunites with director Olivier Assayas from “Clouds of Sils Maria,” which was a good drama. “Personal Shopper” is even better. Not just because of the paranormal activity, but also because of the character’s ambitions and persona, which you come to terms with. And about the text messages, they’re the best I’ve seen since “Disconnect” with Jason Bateman and Colin Ford Facebooking each other. One text at a time, you get into them.


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