The Lovers


“The Lovers” is a well-acted, sexy, and riveting portrayal of couples going through tough times in their marriage, and how they can balance their romances between each other and their lovers. You’re just sitting there guessing on their outcomes, and yet, you come to terms with the fact that love can be a challenging emotion.

Tracy Letts and Debra Winger both knock it out of the park as Michael and Mary, who are both on the verge of moving on, and have two lovers. Michael is seeing Lucy (Melora Walters), while Mary is seeing Robert (Aidan Gillen), and both these lovers want to them to get on with the would-be divorce.

They are willing to tell their visiting son Joel (Tyler Ross) and his girlfriend (Jessica Sula) about their depressed state; however, Michael and Mary start to regain their love for one another, much to the stress and concerns of their lovers. So, they love each other and their lovers. Tough call.

Other than some unnecessary dialogue, I was observing “The Lovers” with the kind of curiosity I usually have in certain Indies. I must come to terms with the movie’s feelings and ambitions, and the more I watch, the more intrigued I get. You get a few ounces of humor, eased emotions, classical music, and such a talented cast. Thank Letts, Winger, Gillan, Walters, Ross, Sula, and writer/director Azazel Jacobs for showing us the real life challenges of love and marriage.


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