Tomorrow Ever After


My mother told me that one of her cousins has a cameo role in an Indie film called “Tomorrow Ever After.” His name is Dan Rovner, and he plays a security guard, who is just a background character. Unfortunately, I can’t praise the character, because it would be the same thing as praising Danny McBride’s background role in “Superbad.” It’s just one quick scene.

“Tomorrow Ever After” has nobody you know, but it is written and directed by Ela Thier, who plays Shaina, a woman from the future, where technology has been wiped out, and friendship and agriculture has grown stronger. She ends up in the year 2015, after an issue in the physics lab. She hugs strangers, asking them for help, and is new to their old fashioned dialogue (“Take a hike”). Every person she tries to get help from thinks she’s some crazy woman on drugs. I mean this is New York. You find a lot of crazy people.

She has a magic card that allows her to write messages to the future, and a mugger named Milton (Nabil Vinas) uses it as an ATM card, even if she is unfamiliar with the rules of being mugged. He ends up helping her find some people to help send her back, while using the card to steal money so he can provide for his girlfriend (Ebbe Bassey). Throughout this whole experience, Shaina also studies how humans behaved back then, and what life was like before her time.

I was laughing at how Shaina, a woman from her time, communicates with people from 2015. She thinks she can wait anywhere, that everyone has a car, and how friendship can overcome loneliness. It’s how the actress and filmmaker Ela Thier says and does things that makes her totally likable. You also get some support from Vinas, Memo (as Milton’s mentally ill neighbor) and Matthew Murumba (as his Autistic roommate). They may have smaller roles than Thier, but they are still placed in fresh and comical scenes.

There are sone elements I didn’t completely understand, and we never get to see the kind future this world could have. It closes with a “To Be Continued” quote, so maybe they’ll expand on that in the sequel. That is if they decide to make on. Still, “Tomorrow Ever After” is a funny and good natured Indie with a great performance from Ela Thier.


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