It Comes at Night


“It Comes at Night” is a horror movie that doesn’t rely on jumpscares to tell a story. Its timing and vulnerability is equal to “Get Out” or “Split,” both made as mass market films. The one issue, and I’m sure everyone would be feeling the same, is how not everything is either resolved or explained. You may leave feeling angry, but I think you should understand that when it comes to infected areas, trust can be a very difficult thing. Who could you trust in times like these?

Joel Edgerton stars as a family man named Paul, who struggles to protect his wife (Carmen Ejogo) and son Travis (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) from what is poisoning their environment. They have a sealed house with plenty of water, guns, gas masks, and locks for protection. They have two locked doors, which lead to the back, and they never go out at night, unless an emergency occurs.

Paul discovers a man named Will (Christopher Abbot) trying to find water and supplies for his wife (Riley Keough) and little boy (Griffin Robert Faulkner). He just needs to be sure he can trust him, and given the fact that his family has enough food, he allows them to seek sanctuary.

But don’t get too comfortable yet. Travis starts to have nightmare about being ill, and his dog knows someone or something is in the woods, and comes back badly injured. And even worse, someone has opened the two doors. Like I said: Who could you trust in times like these?

Now, why am I recommending “It Comes at Night,” when not everything is either resolved or answered? Because it represents the true nature of how trust can be at stake when outbreaks occur. Also, because the acting (particularly from Edgerton, Abbot, and Harrison, Jr.) is so true and amazing. And because, it takes its time for us to get to know two families, and their pasts and conditions. Director Trey Edward Shultz has done a fine job with this film.


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