Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

The bloody lifestyles of the rich and dumb. “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” is an entertaining and wickedly funny wake-up call for those who hated “Very Bad Things” and “Rough Night.” These are dark comedies about people dying at parties. This time,… Read More ›


A campy good time at a bad camp. “They/Them,” starring Kevin Bacon and produced by Jason Blum, is a horror movie with a LGBTQIA+ theme and a campy attitude. It’s the directorial debut of John Logan, who also wrote it…. Read More ›


New faces, weapons, and themes levitate this Predator prequel. “Prey” is the prequel to the “Predator” franchise, which uses a Comanche theme to tell the story of how this iconic creature came to our planet. The setting is in 1719,… Read More ›


Rebecca Hall becomes way overprotective with her daughter over a dark past in overwhelming thriller. “Resurrection” left me with mixed feelings on certain elements, some of which other people may or may not agree with me on. It’s a stalker… Read More ›


I’d say “Yup” to “Nope.” Jordan Peele is a genius for his ability to push his horror movies to unreachable levels. “Nope,” his successor to “Get Out” and “Us,” is obviously inspired by a number of movies like “Close Encounters… Read More ›

The Black Phone

Give this horror flick a call. Just be glad “The Black Phone” takes place in 1978, instead of 2022, because of how it cuts back on the social media and iPhones, and actually gives the kids some fearless dialogue and… Read More ›

Crimes of the Future

The new NSFW dystopian Indie that makes you say “WTF.” As you begin to watch David Cronenberg’s new film “Crimes of the Future,” you don’t know what to expect. You see little boys eating garbage pails, a man who is… Read More ›


Well-acted stalker thriller doesn’t do much with its “Rear Window” formula. In the Indie film circuit, released by IFC Midnight, “Watcher” wants to be a stalker picture with a certain “Rear Window” ambiance. That means the girl looks out her… Read More ›


A horror film that’s curious as it is creepy. I’ve seen the trailers and poster for Alex Garland’s third movie “Men,” which is labeled a horror film, and I didn’t know what to make of it. The title could mean… Read More ›


This Stephen King reboot plays with fire and gets burned. Before I saw the new “Firestarter,” I had to see the 1984 version of Stephen King’s novel-the one with Drew Barrymore in one of her earlier roles as Charlie McGee,… Read More ›

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