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November 8, 2018

The opening scene to “Overlord” involves a group of WWII soldiers, who pontificate with each other, and then get attacked by German planes. Obviously, it has to get cantankerous with everyone shouting and ducking for cover. And the surviving soldiers jump out of the dying plane with parachutes into Nazi-occupied France. But once I got… Read More ›

Halloween (2018)

A lesson I already knew was to know the difference between Mike Myers and Michael Myers. You have to say “Michael Myers,” instead of “Mike Myers,” or else some might be confused with the comedian. The Michael Myers I’m referring to is the movie serial killer in the “Halloween” franchise. The 40-year-old sequel to the… Read More ›


For a Marvel movie to be denied an R-rating, “Venom” is a mean-spirited and noisy debacle with unlikable characters, bad special effects, pointless violence, and no plot. It ranks with some of the worst superhero movies in recent memory. The character from the Spider-Verse looks like a black Spider-Man with razor sharp teeth and a… Read More ›

The Predator (2018)

When Arnold Schwarzenegger took the lead role in the original “Predator” from 1987, it began a franchise. It continued with a sequel in 1990, which I skipped, two battles between the Predator and the Alien (“Alien vs. Predator” and it’s awful sequel “Requiem”), and finally, another sequel in 2010, which I liked on its own… Read More ›

The Nun

I’ve enjoyed the original “Conjuring” movie in 2013, but ever since, there hasn’t been a single spin-off or prequel to be better. Not the “Annabelle” movies nor the latest prequel “The Nun.” They’re not terrible movies, because they have some fine acting and impressive sets and costumes; they’re just routine. No matter what the trailers… Read More ›

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