This Stephen King reboot plays with fire and gets burned. Before I saw the new “Firestarter,” I had to see the 1984 version of Stephen King’s novel-the one with Drew Barrymore in one of her earlier roles as Charlie McGee,… Read More ›

The Innocents

The connection of telekinetic powers threatens these kids, one of whom is autistic. Its not often we get to see a foreign film with an autistic character. We’ve mostly seen them in American movies like “Rain Man” or “Come Play,”… Read More ›


“Are you my mother?,” asked the demon bird. “Hatching” begins with “the perfect family” promoting themselves on social media about how wonderful their lives are. The daughter resembles her mother, while the son resembles his father; so they’re supposed to… Read More ›


This empty Marvel vampire movie sucks the life out of you. Jared Leto just won the Razzie for his awful performance in “House of Gucci,” when he played that clownish portrayal of Paolo Gucci. His latest film is “Morbius,” which… Read More ›


There are bloody good reasons Y horror fans should Z this movie. “X” is one of the most entertaining gore movies in recent memory. Not the kind of gore that torture porn fans crave in the “Saw” franchise, but the… Read More ›

No Exit

This chilling thriller threatens to get overshadowed by weak dialogue. I caught a glimpse of Hulu’s new thriller “No Exit” last week before the review embargo lifted, and I needed time to make sure I wasn’t blinded by the movie’s… Read More ›

Studio 666

A wickedly funny combo of music and gore with the Foo Fighters. To be a Beatles fan, you have to see their 1964 comedy classic “A Hard Day’s Night.” To admire the satire of the Rock n Roll world, you… Read More ›

The Cursed

Sean Ellis’ chilling horror flick shows greed who’s boss. I seriously doubt that both “Dog” and “The Cursed” will beat “Uncharted” at the weekend box office, because, as far as I’m concerned, big studios with major actors have their ways… Read More ›

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