Army of the Dead

This zombie heist movie rolls the dice and has fun doing so. I did an article yesterday about the original “Dawn of the Dead” and the remake directed by Zack Snyder, since “Army of the Dead” is the first zombie… Read More ›

In The Earth

Half of it is psychedelic, and the other half will leave you stumped. There’s a scene about 20 minutes in “In The Earth,” when Alma (Ellora Torchia) tells Martin (Joel Fry) that things will get back to normal and everyone… Read More ›

Come True

An entertaining Indie about nightmares. “Come True” has no household names or endorsements, but it’s still a riveting and entertaining horror film about the horrifying results of dreams. We’ve seen it explored quite well in other movies (like “Inception” for… Read More ›

Saint Maud

This creepy, religious horror flick takes the righteous path. To example how beautifully filmed “Saint Maud” is, you need to be reminded of such horror films of its kind as “The Exorcist” or “Hereditary.” There are two scenes involving liquid… Read More ›


This body swap horror comedy goes for the kill. We’ve all seen movies about switching bodies around. For example: there were both versions of “Freaky Friday” with Jodie Foster switching bodies with Barbara Harris and with Lindsey Lohan switching bodies… Read More ›


Pop these pills and then get Back to the Future. Recently, I praised Christopher Nolan’s time-traveling epic “Tenet” for showing me a dazzling visual world of what happens when you travel through time. People and objects either move forward or… Read More ›


This voodoo version of “Misery” has its ups and downs. Last July, I panned the “Fatal Attraction” rip-off “Fatal Affair,” for using an African-American theme as an excuse to be made. And now, I’m writing my review for the African-American… Read More ›

Come Play

An autistic child gets stalked by a storybook monster in emotional and scary horror flick. “Come Play” is the first horror movie with an autistic child as the main protagonist. I’ve seen movies about people on the spectrum, like “Rain… Read More ›

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