The Trip to Spain


“The Trip to Spain” is the third chapter of the popular British Indie series that stars Steve Coogan and Brydon as themselves traveling to different countries, while having authentic meals, doing impressions on famous actors, and seeing the sights. Those movies were entertaining with the kind of taste and charms that director Michael Winterbottom offered; and this movie continues that legacy.

Steve Coogan is planning a screenplay of an alternate version of his 2013 film “Philomena,” and heads off to Spain, inviting family man Rob Brydon for the ride. A few problems ensue for Steve, regarding his script, his lover, and his son.

“The Trip to Spain” didn’t always grab my attention because of how long a few conversations and impressions can get; but otherwise, I found it to be as charming as the other two. Coogan and Brydon both offer the kind of humor and heart they always been offering, and I just love their Marlon Brando impression.

This is one of those road trip movies that don’t require mayhem (unlike the ugly reboot of “Vacation”), and it’s nice to see two talented British actors talking about food, places, and the lives they engage in. A lot of the food they try looks delicious, the sights are beautiful, and the 6 day tour is definitely worth the trip.

If they do another sequel, I would just love to see them try Ireland or at least talk about Coogan’s voice work at Illumination Entertainment (“Despicable Me 2 and 3” and “The Secret Life of Pets,” etc.)


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