The Layover


I barely watch bad Indie films these days, because I’d like to focus on the awful big name pictures to prevent sequels from happening. But I’ve gotten word about “The Layover,” and I’d figured I should do my duty as a film critic and review it. All I can say is the only bright spot of the film is that it is only on DirecTV, iTunes, and very, very, very few cinemas.

Before I get to the panning, I doubled checked, it’s directed by William H. Macy, the wonderful actor from “Fargo,” “Room,” and “Pleasantville.” I’m surprised he didn’t have the studio change his name for the sake of protection.

Alexandra Daddario wasn’t funny or sexy (but mostly unfunny) in “Baywatch,” and here, in “The Layover,” she plays a teacher named Kate whose principal (Rob Corddry) forces her to quit (his way of saying “fired” I think). She’s just as bad in this as she was in “Baywatch,” so this is a bad year for Daddario.

Supermodel Kate Upton was only good for her looks and not her brain in “The Other Woman,” a lame chick flick from 2014, and in “The Layover,” she plays Kate’s friend Meg, who tries and fails to sell North Korean cosmetics to a big company. I don’t even think Upton is an actress.

Their lives are ruined, and so they decide to fly to Fort Lauderdale. En route, they sit next to a hot guy named Ryan (Matt Barr), who’s heading to a wedding. Unfortunately, a hurricane forces them to land in St. Louis, and when Ryan stays at their hotel and eventually has a guy (Matt Jones, probably the only likable actor in the film) drive him to Fort Lauderdale, that’s when the love war between Meg and Kate begins.

With all these jokes on passing gas in the car, Dr. Pepper breath, paranoia, face plants in a pool, giving little kids the finger, and gross toilets, I think us critics can agree “The Layover” is a nasty piece of crap. Either it will stick to me till December when I do that special list, or I’ll forget enough to give it a dishonorable mention. Only time will tell.


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