You guys ran out of ammo. Since “Expend4bles” is said to be the last film to star Sylvester Stallone, it seems typical that they would try to deceive the audience into thinking they would kill his character Barney Ross. If… Read More ›

A Haunting in Venice

The spirits within push this Branagh mystery franchise higher. Kenneth Branagh’s take on Hercule Poirot has transitioned from an Agatha Christie character to an iconic movie name, and I’m not insulting literature in any way. Three films have made and… Read More ›

The Nun II

This sequel conjures up too many scares. Here’s one of my opening quotes in my review of “The Nun” back in 2018. “No matter what the trailers say (“The Darkest Chapter in the Conjuring Universe”), it’s still the same old… Read More ›

The Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington gives his hero a jumpstart in this likable (if sometimes gruesome) threequel. I discovered a word called “triaphilia,” which is the superstition that bad things come in threes. According to an article I came across, scientists would determine… Read More ›

Vacation Friends 2

A worthless sequel that deserves to have its flight cancelled. The 2021 made-for-Hulu comedy “Vacation Friends” was a big hit, especially with its two leads Lil Rel Howery and John Cena. I didn’t care about that film, and now that… Read More ›

Insidious: The Red Door

Not much of a sequel or directorial debut. The first “Insidious” film from 2011 was scary, especially with its title card being loud and freaky. The second film, at least, had one memorable scene. The third was forgettable. The fourth… Read More ›

Extraction 2

Kick some more ass Hemsworth. The first “Extraction” was a fun made-for-Netflix action movie, because of the likability and convictions of Chris Hesmworth as the Australian SAS operator turned black ops mercenary Tyler Wake. It was one of the many… Read More ›

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