A 2020s sequel that knows the rules and follows well. You have to begin the new “Scream” with the famous “What’s your favorite scary movie” question, and you have to be on a timely fashion when Tara’s (Jenna Ortega) response… Read More ›

Sing 2

Cute animated sequel hits almost all the right U2 notes. You know when the Big Bad Wolf threatens to throw the dreamer koala Buster Moon off a building, he’s clearly the bad guy. And even if Buster delivers the goods,… Read More ›

The Souvenir: Part II

This worthy sequel continues the young filmmaker’s story of ambition, loss, and life. In the tradition of sequels to independent features like “Before Sunrise” and “Clerks,” “The Souvenir” joins the club with “The Souvenir: Part II.” The first movie from… Read More ›

Halloween Kills

This sequel goes for the kill, but misses the target. How is Michael Myers able to survive the fire at the end of the previous “Halloween” entry? Three things: 1: We didn’t see his carcass. 2. Horror movie icons are… Read More ›

No Time to Die

It’s worth the wait to see Daniel Craig playing James Bond one last time. It’s about bloody damn time, if you ask me. “No Time to Die,” which is the last 007 movie to star Daniel Craig, is finally coming… Read More ›

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