This unnecessary and noisy sequel runs out of gas. To remind you “Furious 7” should have been the final chapter in every “Fast & Furious” sequel or spin-off review would be derivative. To remind you I think Vin Diesel, Michelle… Read More ›

Spirit Untamed

Cute animated feature is galloping more for kids than adults. When “Shrek” came out 20 years ago, Roger Ebert explained how as kids and teens get older that they expect animated movies and shows to be more fearless and more… Read More ›

Godzilla vs Kong

Speaking to these monsters, let’s get ready to rumble! “Batman v Superman” was on my list of the worst movies of 2016, mainly because of its pointless battle between the two DC superheroes. And now, we have “Godzilla vs Kong”… Read More ›

Coming 2 America

Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem survives the 2020s in this hilarious sequel. The 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America” is one of the funniest and most under-appreciated films I’ve ever seen. He played Prince Akeem Jaffer, the heir to the… Read More ›

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