The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Ever since “Blended” and “Pixels” both underperformed at the box office, Adam Sandler has been placing his stinkers on Netflix, and I never watched a single one of his latest entries. But this week, I managed to catch his latest movie “The Meyerowitz Stories,” which is written and directed by Noah Baumbach. This is Sandler as an actor, not a Happy Madison mascot.

In “The Meyerowitz Stories,” he plays Danny, a middle-aged divorced father, who is prepared to send his daughter (Grace Van Patten) off to college, while living with his father Harold (Dustin Hoffman) until he finds work.

Harold is an artist, who has been married three times (Emma Thompson is his latest), and is in the process of selling their house, much to the shock of Danny. He eventually ends up in the hospital due to a head injury, which should have been taken care of months ago.

Ben Stiller plays Harold’s other son and Danny’s brother from another mother Matthew, a successful businessman, who comes to New York for business and to see his father. He eventually reunites with Danny and their sister Jean (Elizabeth Marvel), in regards to the hospital story. Bare in mind: this is a dysfunctional family, ergo, the movie is dysfunctional fun.

Baumbach has done it again with “The Meyerowitz Stories,” by crafting characters who can barely see eye-to-eye with their father. It’s also very smart and funny, and in certain shouting moments, the scenes immediately cuts to the next one, and that tickles me. Sandler, Stiller, Hoffman, and Marvel all shine in every way possible.

There are times when I could barely get the concept of parts of the narrative, but still, I found myself enjoying the movie. And if you add a few gags like finding a parking spot in New York or jerks putting their things on someone else’s table in a restaurant, it’s like you’re watching a “Seinfeld” movie,” spliced with Baumbach’s talents.


Now playing in select theaters, and now available on Netflix

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